PA-Sen: Muhlenberg/Morning Call: McGinty 41% Toomey 41%

toomey-mcgintyThe Senate contest between GOP incumbent Pat Toomey and Democratic nominee Katie McGinty is set to come down to the wire.

The new Muhlenberg/Morning Call poll has the race tied with McGinty and Toomey each at 41%.

There’s been little movement since the last time Muhlenberg surveyed this race back in late September and found Toomey up 41% to 40%.

Additionally, both candidates are rather unpopular. 46% have an unfavorable feeling towards Sen. Toomey while just 30% have a favorable rating. McGinty is less well known but her numbers are still underwater as 29% hold a favorable view while 40% have an unfavorable one.

The Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll was conducted by Muhlenberg University from October 20th to 26th. They surveyed 420 likely Pennsylvania voters. The margin of error is +/- 5.5%.

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7 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Muhlenberg/Morning Call: McGinty 41% Toomey 41%”

  1. Bono says:

    There is no doubt that Toomey is in real trouble, even as an incumbent. Not even Mayor Bloomberg or former Congrsswoman Giffords are helping him. He just can’t shake Katie. He still won’t say if he’s voting for Trump. What an act of cowardice, just like his stand on Judge Garland.

  2. Jake says:

    Those numbers indicate the Presidential race will control the outcome. Hillary appears ready to drag Toomey down to defeat. Her numbers are hiding despite a rocky end to the campaign.

  3. Same old same old says:

    Muhlenberg’s numbers are good. It’s absurd to even suggest that a totally lackluster bland and bumbling candidate like McGinty could be leading Toomey by several points. With the email release matters rocking the Presidential race there is absolutely no way a dull McGinty is far ahead of Toomey. I think the email shocker is bad news for McGinty and will dampen Clinton’s numbers to elect Toomey with Clinton winning by less than expected. I still hold that it will be Toomey by 3 percent over McGinty.

  4. dave gorman says:

    It appears that especially this year is one where it is not a question of who are you voting for but who you are voting against.

  5. The_New_Liberal_Lion says:

    @PA Parent

    Has #Gloomey conceded yet?

  6. gone says:

    Clinton’s latest email eruption just cost Katie her senate seat.

  7. PA Parent says:

    Has #ShadyKatie conceded yet?

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