PA-Sen: National Democrats Reach Out to Shapiro

Rep. Josh ShapiroDemocratic leaders aren’t very excited about a second shot for Joe Sestak.

As a result, Democratic Senators from across the country have spoken with Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro about a potential Senate run to challenge the former Navy Admiral, according to the Washington Post.

Future Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and DSCC Chair Jon Tester of Montana were among those who’ve contacted Shapiro.

Sestak has rubbed several Democratic leaders the wrong way in the past, including President Obama and Vice President Biden, when he ran against Arlen Specter in the Democratic Primary for Senate.

Shapiro, on the other hand, is recognized for being an ally to Gov. Wolf. In fact, just last week the Governor named him as Chair of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

While Shapiro has yet to respond to these reports we’ve recently learned that Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski is moving towards challenging Sestak.

17 Responses

  1. Barbara Blum-

    Aren’t you tired of people who live in other states (Virginia) running for Senate in Pennsylvania?
    Santorum did it.
    Sestak is trying to do it again.
    His REAL home is in Alexandria, VA.
    Sestak has been on the ballot 6 times. His wife didn’t vote for him the last 4 times because she lives in VA and is not registered to vote in PA.

  2. Aren’t you tired of Senators from other states pick our candidates? Aren’t you weary of being bossed around by the Pennsylvanians who had the nerve to pick a used up has been Republican to be the Democratic candidate for Senate. The party elders did not ask Specter to change to Deemocrat. He said that he could not beat Toomey in a primary, so he switched. With money from. Pa State Committee and DSCC going to Specter he could not defeat the people’s choice- Sestak. So stop moaning about an old campaign. Start backing Sestak. He can win- with a little help from the party. The Delco Party is on his side and we know him best.

  3. Whistleblower

    I’m no fan of hers, but I’ll take her over Sestak or Toomey. But, if she runs, she needs a completely different campaign staff.

  4. Allyson Schwartz please report for duty!!! We won’t let you down! And before you trolls jump all over me you know she’s perfect and we can live with it. She’s not a head case and she’s not afraid to fight for it.

  5. CentralPADemCHair
    In a presidential year we can run a real PA democrat instead of Sestak. One who REALLY lives in PA. Also one young enough to run for a second term

  6. Joe Sestak is the new Ned Lamont. OK, he won an interesting primary. But voters are tired of him and he’s just another old white guy running for office.

  7. National Democratic leaders can support whomever they want, but I suspect that the people of PA will stick with Joe Sestak, as they did 5 years ago, when everyone from President Obama to the State Democratic Committee was supporting Specter. Sestak came within an eyelash of beating Toomey then, in a Republican Wave year. 2016 is a presidential year, and with Hillary at the top of the ticket, Joe will win!

  8. On Wednesday I met a candidate who would be a fantastic Dem choice for Senate: Judge David Wecht.

    He was in the supreme court debate and spoke with real fire and passion about a lot of progressive issues on justice. He would slaughter Sestak in a primary debate and Toomey in a general election debate.

    Unfortunately, he prefers being a judge than in legislative. But, he would make an excellent Senate candidate.

  9. What is up the weak Dems bench? Sestak again? No thanks. Shapiro is but a wee boy and plain as vanilla. There has to be someone more exciting out there. I’m still hopeful.

  10. It would make far more sense for Josh to run for AG or Treasurer. He already has a state PAC with no limits on contributions.

  11. the only candidate i’d be less onboard with than joe sestak is josh shapiro. what about nutter?

  12. Is it me? I’m having a problem getting past the name Josh. It sounds like he’s still wearing diapers. Doesn’t sound Senatorial. But if Sestak is the other choice I may vote for Toomey or write in Allyson Schwartz. Help us OBI wan Kenobi

  13. Josh Shapiro would be a disastrous candidate. Having Washington pick our candidates has not done us well in the past.

  14. “Democratic leaders aren’t very excited about a second shot for Joe Sestak.”

    Umm…. neither are Democratic voters. The only ones excited by Sestak running are Toomey supporters.

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