PA-Sen: NBC/Marist Poll: McGinty 47% Toomey 44%

It’s been a poll-heavy day.

One notable result stands out, however, as NBC/Marist have Katie McGinty leading her first public poll of the election cycle.

According to Mark Murray, NBC News’ senior political editor, McGinty has a three point lead over incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey.

These results are part of a series that include favorable numbers for Hillary Clinton, but as you can see, McGinty is the only Democratic Senate candidate ahead at the moment. In fact, she (and Toomey) are outperforming the tops of their tickets right now.

Also worth mentioning is that Quinnipiac, which found Trump leading in PA, is set to release their own Senate results tomorrow morning. It is likely they’ll show the Republican Senator ahead.

NBC/Marist surveyed 829 registered Pennsylvania voters from July 5th to 10th. The margin of error is +/-3.4%.

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  3. Mrs. Republican Voter,

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    Lock him out of the trailer and call the Police if he comes too close.

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  7. That makes you an idiot or a bigot, Brian. Which one is it? Or maybe you are an idiot and a bigot?

  8. Brian – Your logic is horribly flawed. I do not understand why Sen. Toomey saying he will vote for Trump is not enough for you. What do you expect him to do? Also, Sen. Toomey will be spending the week campaigning rather than sitting in a chair all week at the convention. I do believe that is time well spent. But go ahead if you want to vote for someone who wants to continue what the Obama administration has accomplished then be my guest. Good luck with a Trump president and Democratic senate. I am sure a lot will be accomplished.

  9. I am a republican for Trump but if Toomey does not have the guts to back the nominee and skip the convention I will vote for McGinty just to get him out.

  10. Joe R’s source for the Nikita Kruschev quote? Some e-mail forward. It’s garbage and Kruschev never said it. And Brazil is a federated republic, not a communist country. I can’t tell if you’re a true believer or parodying the stereotype of the ignorant, gullible right wing nutjob.

  11. @Joe R

    How has the 2nd Amendment been “eviscerated”?

    This is the first president to come along in modern times that has expanded the rights of gunowners. Now you rednecks can take your guns, go to a state park and shoot it up in the air and no one will say anything to you.

  12. I guess this is it: the beginning of the end for Toomey. The NBC gods have proclaimed it. So let it be written; so let it be done. LOL.

    I agree with David that by Election Day McGinty will get 47%. #FirstSenateCandidateInMyFamilyToNotBreak50Percent

  13. NBC is a Democrat propaganda machine, but this poll doesn’t surprise me. Toomey pissed his base off BADLY when he decided to join people like Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, and Joe Manchin on basically eviscerating the 2nd Amendment. Not only that, the last 20 years of people flooding into PA from leftwing socialist cesspools like NJ and NY has made this state almost California, New York, and New Jersey Blue. Im almost hoping the Democrats sweep the election so they can turn this country into a 3rd world, communist Hellhole like Brazil and/or Venezuela. Maybe then, people will wake up to the Stalinist nature of “progressive politics”, but it will likely be too late. Like Nikita Kruschev once said: “We will spoonfeed you little bits of socialism, until one day, you will then wake up with communism”.

  14. I don’t think McGinty’s support is that high yet, but that’s probably where it will end up in November. The ads have been very good.

  15. Go Katie Go!! I can’t wait to cast my vote for her in November!! #McGintyMomentum

  16. Welp – That didn’t take long. McGinty already up over incumbent and it’s only July.

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