PA-Sen: NBC/WSJ/Marist Poll: McGinty 48% Toomey 44%

McGinty-PhillyWith several recent polls showing PA Sen. Pat Toomey trailing, Democrat Katie McGinty will look to solidify her lead over the incumbent.

A month ago, McGinty won her first poll of the election cycle by three points. In this month’s edition of the NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll, McGinty topped Toomey 48-44%.

McGinty spoke during the last night of the Democratic National Convention several weeks ago, though it seems her speech didn’t sway too many voters.

Still, Gov. Tom Wolf’s former chief of staff will take encouragement from the poll, having erased her underdog status before the Democratic primary in April to lead Toomey going into the final three months of the campaign.

Among definite voters, McGinty leads Toomey 51-44%, and she holds a 48-42% lead among voters in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Kevin Robillard of Politico reports.

The Democrat may also try to align herself more with outgoing President Barack Obama – who endorsed her before the primary – as he has seen a spike in his approval ratings over the last six months.

The NBC/WSJ/Marist poll shows the president with a 50% approval rating in the Keystone State.

NBC/WSJ/Marist surveyed 834 registered Pennsylvania voters from August 3rd to 7th. The margin of error is +/-3.4%.

8 Responses

  1. Katie IS the day lighter of a Police Officer and IS the first woman in her family to graduate from College. She does understand what working-class families go through.

    Toomey has a Wall Street background.

  2. All incumbents must run on their record in office. From School Board to President all incumbents have a record in office. Toomey’s record in office is terrible. Toomey has been an obstructionist all his years in office. Toomey has consistently voted to support Special Interests and Wall Street. Toomey has consistently voted against Senior Citizens,Veterans, and Middle Class Americans. Special Interests money will not save Toomey in November. Average Pennsylvanians will vote for Katie McGinty to support them in the Senate. Toomey will try to lie about his record with tv adds and drag his feet all the way out of the Senate, but Toomey loses in November.

  3. Hey, everybody, I was the youngest of all those kids! That’s a good reason to vote for me, right? Everyone in Washington thought I was devious and untrustworthy when I worked for Bill Clinton, but don’t worry about that!

  4. Depressing to agree with David and that left wing basket case hahaha- but Toomey needs to go. Only thing worse than that filth Hiliary Clinton- is the republican establishment like Toomey- McConnell and Ryan. Better McGinty who stands for something than crap like Toomey. Send a message to Republucan Establishment- it’s not Trump- it’s useless folks like you all that need to go. Ridge bankrupted the state and continues to demonstrate he is an ass like his friend the Bushees

  5. This is clearly McGinty riding the Dem/Clinton wave (and Obama’s good poll numbers).

    I don’t think voters are really paying attention to the race yet.

    So, this is Trump dragging down the GOP and Toomey is (s)trapped in along for the ride. His refusal to support Obama’s supreme court nominee hurt him early, but the Trump association is killing him.

    Dems what control of the Senate back for Hillary’s supreme court picks. Toomey’s cowardice, lack of statesmanship and refusal to do his job have demonstrated his unfitness for the Senate and its responsibilities.

  6. McGinty’s lead will continue to grow as long as Trump keeps doing things like encouraging people to shoot HRC and Toomey does nothing (as he has for 6 years as a Senator).

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