PA-Sen: NRSC Accuses McGinty of Improper Coordination

McGinty-sadThe National Republican Senate Committee are hurling more charges at Katie McGinty.

Yesterday it was revealed that EMILY’s List would be launching a $1 million ad campaign for the Democratic candidate.

McGinty Chairman Chairman Ed Rendell, who caused this headache when he predicted the campaign would need $4 million in TV ads to win, also told Elena Schneider of Politico that EMILY’s List would be spending more.

“Former Gov. Ed Rendell, McGinty’s campaign chairman, told Campaign Pro that EMILY’s List will spend far more than $1 million on the race,” Schneider wrote. “Rendell, who has said McGinty and outside groups need to spend at least $3.5 million combined in the primary, said he believed EMILY’s List would spend at least $2 million on television, with the some of the cash coming from the League of Conservation Voters. Both groups have endorsed McGinty, and Rendell said EMILY’s List would be placed in charge of the pro-McGinty independent expenditure operation.”

The NRSC believe this statement indicates improper coordination.

“Senate campaigns are prohibited from coordinating spending with outside groups,” NRSC’s Alleigh Marre wrote. “Based on reported and public knowledge, there is no reasonable explanation for how the McGinty campaign would know about the efforts Rendell outlined to Politico. The McGinty campaign has some explaining to do.”

While it’s highly unlikely anything comes of this allegation, it is yet another episode where Rendell has left the reservation and caused trouble for McGinty.

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  1. i agree for what he said that after more than 200 years of white men as senators, we can send a strong woman to fight for us as written in We need Katie McGinty and past time for us to smash this glass or steal ceiling and make a new reformation.

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  4. Typical PoliticsPA
    Post every silly story about a Republican attack against the candidate they are scared of, but ignore actual news like McGinty getting the statewide building trades endorsement.

  5. If Sestak would win the Senate Primary. The first commercial run by Toomey would be a time framed video of the house in Pennsylvania that the Sestak family never lives in. Accompanying would be information of how many years Sestak’s wife has worked in Alexandria Virginia. Next would be the years his daughter has attended school in Alexandria Virginia. These are not might happen. This is will happen. This will be the Empty Santorum house in Pennsylvania all over again but thi time it will make sure a Democrat does not win the Senate seat from Pennsylvania. The Republican Trackers would have a big smile on their faces.

  6. I wonder how Sestak’s now 14-year-old daughter likes being portrayed all over his website as a stuck-in-time 5 year old? I really think it’s shameful how Joe keeps using her illness as a young girl as campaign fodder.

  7. Montco, thanks for clearing that up for David, BTW. Sometimes he’s wrong. Still funny as hell to hear that Sestak’s wife doesn’t even vote for him.

  8. @ Dave

    Whatever ever happened to that Sestak bombshell you claimed would end his campaign?

    Besides that, I’m not sure any of the three candidates have really stood out as viable alternatives to Toomey. I’ve been very disappointed in the democratic party’s lack of risk-taking.

  9. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean automatic weapons, but it does mean you can purchase and carry a pistol the same as the criminals and the mayors against guns do.

    It also apparently means Obamacare can tax people for breathing, and you 2 fellas can get hitched.

    Don’t forget though that the 3 of us can put our money together to buy political ads under a corporate (SuperPac) name. All constitutional.

  10. Montco PA Dem-

    Right. That’s why they think the 2nd amendment is about having automatic weapons, instead of forming militias (that we don’t even need anyway, since we have formal military forces).

  11. Look at Montco reading the Constitution. I hope you guys don’t make it a habit. This place would become so boring.

  12. David, Katie is most qualified for both: To run against the anti-woman/anti-veteran Toomey in the fall, and to beat him. Also, to serve the people of Penna.

  13. Montco PA Dem-

    Interesting. But, Joe never became a resident when he served his two terms in congress. (Well, served one term and A.W.O.L. the second term)


    Most qualified to serve or most qualified to beat Toomey?

    A dead cat is more qualified to vote better than Toomey.

  14. Anyway you wish to look at it—McGinty is our weakest candidate and Toomey will beat her so easily. I suppose those who put her up to this don’t care if Toomey is re-elected. Polls not looking good for MG.

  15. Not an enforceable requirement, Constitution only requires residency “upon election.”

  16. David Diano, what you fail to understand is Katie McGinty is most qualified of all the candidates. Sestak had chance to beat Toomey last time but failed. Fetterman is a different kind of candidate but nobody knows him. Katie’s background will help to kick Toomey back to the woman hating cave he was in.

  17. Montco PA Dem-

    Actually it is a requirement. However, Sestak is running without have passed that requirement, because his opponents have made the mistake of failing to challenge him on residency.

  18. State residency is not a requirement to run for US Senate. Sure does help, though.

  19. I’m sure David and I have both voted for SOBs in the past, but one reason we both don’t like him is because of the way he treats people.

    It makes it easy to believe the rumors about the end of his Navy career.

  20. eagleswing-

    I think it was tremendous error by McGinty’s campaign in failing to challenge him that way. Getting Sestak under oath about his living arrangements would have been priceless. It may also have been that they didn’t get supporting info/documents in time to file the objection.

    Feel free to offer me YOUR explanation for how Sestak can claim in his campaign literature that he lives with his wife and daughter, but they work and go to school in Virginia and live in the home they’ve owned there since 1998.

    When Joe loses this election, do you REALLY think he’s going to keep both houses?

    Unsanctioned R-
    Sestak’s been on the ballot 6 times so far previously. His wife didn’t vote for him the last four.

    So, she voted for him twice in 2006: uncontested primary and the general election.

    Once he actually was in office, she never voted for him again. Not in 2008 uncontested primary, or contested 2008 general. She didn’t vote for him in HIGHLY contested 2010 primary with Specter nor in the very close 2010 general against Toomey.

    Would have been hilarious if Sestak lost by one vote because his wife wasn’t registered in PA and didn’t vote for him.

    I have heard that she is registered in VA, but I have not seen the voter records myself.

  21. One of my favorite Diano sayings is that Joe Sestak’s wife doesn’t even vote for him.

    Toomey’s staff agree with Montco

  22. if Diano’s allegations as to Sestak residency were true you can bet McGinty Mikus RendellWOLF et al. would have challenged Joe’s nominating petition BY FILING APPROPRIATE OBJECTIONS. the Dem machine has passed out enough political favor and jobs to enough Dem lawyers beholden to Rendellwolf for appointments to solicitorships that they probably would not even have to pay 50K$ or the commonwealth court challenge. just give it up, Dave–you’ve been on the same forlorn residency bandwagon now for years?

  23. DD, if Trump is the Repub nominee I think Toomey is finished, whether or not he endorses The Donald and no matter who the Dems have running against him.

  24. Mcginty’s revolving door to $$$

    I don’t think any of them can beat Toomey.

    Sestak losing the primary just saves us 6 more months of listening to Joe before he moves out of PA for good and ends his tourism overstay. Checkout is at noon.

    Toomey has a ton of money, and the Dem winner will be depleted with almost nothing.

    Toomey hasn’t really made any major mistakes (ie: sounding like Santorum) that would cause the public to see how conservative he really is. He may get bit on blocking Obama from nominating to Supreme Court, but Toomey can “appear” moderate (especially to the GOP nominee).

    I think McGinty makes for a better paring with Hillary at the top of the ticket and she can raise more money and have a shot at being competitive.

    Also, I think McGinty will just vote more consistently with the Dems than Sestak would.

    Fetterman would be ideal to have in the Senate, representing people in small towns.

  25. Dave:
    See my 8:49 post—-I agree with your political views..but McGinty will lose to Toomey.
    We simply disagree on who our Dem candiate should be vs. Toomey…….see my 8:49 post…..

  26. Mcginty’s revolving door to $$$

    Everything I’ve said about Sestak is true.

    Sestak is disqualified from this job for two reasons:
    1) He doesn’t live in PA
    2) He is not mentally stable.

    I find myself more in agreement with Fetterman, but McGinty would be an improvement over Toomey.

    A dead cat (making no votes) or a monkey flipping a coin (getting half the votes right) would be an improvement over Toomey who gets it wrong nearly 100% of the time.

    McGinty can vote with the Dem majority and get it right most of the time. It’s not rocket science.

    Fetterman doesn’t have to count the Dem votes to get it right.

    In a war vote, I expect Sestak to get it wrong.

  27. Break, considering that Katie earns more money (from the energy industry that she once regulated) than 99.9% of all men in PA, one could certainly argue that the glass ceiling has been smashed.

  28. Dave:
    I like almost all your political views but I am suspect of your almost over the top stuff against Sestak. So, I will continue to support your other views but discount your anti-Sestak, over the top stuff. You and I agree we need to replace Toomey. So, let us push Fetterman or whoever. McGinty was a joke from day 1—-she was apparently a 5th choice from the Rendell/Groen/Wolf insider goof-balls and corporate interests–she’s apparently a “default” candidate who has nothing to lose if she loses—she’ll land a million dollar job inside fracking corporations when she loses this primary. Toomey will crush this joke of a candidate. So, our job is to pick from Fetterman or Sestak. I like Sestak, but Fetterman is OK with me. MG is a loser and so will the Dems be if she somehow wins the primary—which I strongly hope she is crushed in. McGinty has always LOST—but gained FINANCIALLY——she is a wannabe, loser, and corporate insider and people have her pathetic number…..!!!!! Let’s go for Fetterman or Sestak…………..either is OK, but McGinty will lose, guaranteed, to Toomey…we then lose.

  29. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    Rendell shouldn’t open his mouth unless there is a handy cheese-steak or hoagie nearby to shove in it.

    Notice, the NRSC isn’t going after Sestak for living in Virginia (yet) because they want him as Toomey’s opponent.

  30. Why is it that every time Rendell opens his mouth, he says something stupid and causes a controversy?

    He needs to be quiet. But his big ego, his need to be relevant, and his need to see his name in print constantly are uncontrollable urges of Eddie.

  31. McGinty just does not know how to win. We Dems need a winner. There are 2 other candidates. Sestak has the best chance of putting Toomey out to pasture IMO. Maybe McGinty needs to leave this race, finally! Fetterman looks like he is passing MG in the polls. She will probably come in last, as she did in her last run for office–what, last year! She’ll have a cushy job waiting in corporate America.

  32. If you want to paint Sestak as the looney left candidate, I think Diano will have something to say about that.

  33. After more than 200 years of white men as senators, we can send a strong woman to fight for us. We need Katie McGinty and past time for us to smash this glass or steal ceiling.

  34. LCV is funded by Frackers, big oil, and their lobbyists – look it up. It’s no wonder they are all in for Katie McFracker.

  35. I don’t understand why Democrats talk down Citizens United. Clinton openly coordinates with David Brocks’s SuperPac, Sander’s Nurses’ SuperPac coordination was just detailed by Politico, and now the PADEMS Senate candidate gives coordination a go.

    It’s almost like they accuse Republicans of coordination with independent groups (without evidence) so they can get busy doing this illegal activity themselves.

  36. This crew has got to go. They are all too cute by a football field. Let it go folks. Sestak is a fighter and will be the best candidate in the Fall. McGinty is a hack – what a joke it is that the League of Conservation Voters supports her after her record on fracking with all the money she took from them.

  37. Toomey REALLY doesn’t want to face Katie. This is starting to look like a full on panic

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