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PA-Sen: NRSC Billboards Take Aim at Sestak

Sestak-WalkJoe Sestak’s face will dot the Philadelphia skyline for the next month, as part of an NRSC billboard campaign.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has taken out ad space along the eastbound Schuylkill Expressway at 20th Street, according to a Morning Call report.

The billboards will feature a photo of Sestak and attack the former congressman over his calls for a mileage-based tax system instead of the current cents-per-gallon tax.

“What is Joe Sestak’s plan for your summer road trip? Tax the number of miles you drive,” the billboards will read.

Sestak’s support of the next tax system is an effort to keep revenues steady as the fleet of cars in America becomes more and more fuel efficient. The former U.S. Navy admiral has also argued in favor of a national infrastructure bank and more public-private partnerships to create a long-term infrastructure funding plan.

The NRSC are hoping to reach summer travelers, who may have to pay slightly more under the proposed alternative tax.

“As families head to the shore for vacation, the NRSC is reminding them with our billboard campaign how damaging Congressman Sestak’s mileage tax would be on their pocketbooks,” NRSC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek said.

As Katie McGinty – Gov. Tom Wolf’s former chief of staff – gears up for a Senate primary challenge, Sestak may actually enjoy being the main target of Republican attack ads for the moment.

7 Responses

  1. So, David. When Sestak trounces McGinty in the primary will you have the dignity to eat your words??? I doubt it.

  2. Frank-

    In PA we do annual state inspections, and record the mileage. Also, the mileage can be recorded during oil changes and inspections.
    Insurance companies also ask for mileage when renewing car insurance. It’s not that hard.

    The GOP are hypocrites on this as I’ve heard that Bill Schuster also supports mileage based fees. Though, as I’ve said, many in the GOP don’t want gas taxes or mileage taxes and want to defund highways (because they just don’t f*cking understand how government works).

    The progressive tax on the rich is a proven economic model that funds society without burdening those who can’t afford it.

  3. free publicity! (n there’s no such thing as bad publicity.)

    btw, my insurance premium just went down almost 10%. must be my low mileage. but for taxes, progressive income tax is best, because it takes from what we actually receive without depressing our ability to spend. (the rich spend a very small fraction of their income, so they can afford higher tax rates.)

  4. While I don’t favor taxing miles driven because that would be a nightmare to police compliance compared to the ease of keeping the tax on gallons of gasoline, we do want decent roads and have to pay for it somehow. GOP keeps tricking ignorant voters into believing they can reduce taxes and still provide services.

    As to insurance companies basing premiums on miles driven, they already do that. No secret, as you are always asked miles driven when getting a rate quote.

  5. aaron-

    Put down the kool-aid (and the crack pipe).

    Taxing people to paying for roads, bridges, schools and other services is not “stealing”.

    The GOP budget plans would lead PA back to being all dirt roads, private schools only for the rich, no benefits for seniors, and general bankruptcy for the state.

  6. Diano – I hope that you continue to spread the word that the PA democratic party and McGinty want people to pay more in taxes than they already pay. I’m sure that seniors and small business owners across the state would be thrilled with your (and Guv. Wolf/McGinty’s)plan to tax all of us out of our homes and businesses.

    The reason why the gop is thriving right now across the state is because people have had enough of politicians in Harrisburg stealing the hard earned money of PA citizens.

  7. The NRSC just wasted a bunch of money on a guy who isn’t going to win the primary. They must have bought and paid for this before McGinty announced.

    This might wind up helping McGinty in the primary.

    Of course, the NRSC is full of sh*t on this because they don’t believe in highway funding in the first place. Mileage based algorithms are nothing new. Years ago I read that the insurance industry was looking into charging car insurance fees based on miles driven. The problem of switching from gasoline to electric or hydrogen for highway taxes is not a new issue.

    If we stopped wasting hundreds of billions on military boondoggles and taxed the top 10% at an appropriate rate, we’d have enough for the roads.

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