PA-Sen: NRSC Uses Clinton Ad Against McGinty (VIDEO)

America’s young are taking on a major role in this year’s elections, with candidates trying to paint their opponents as bad examples for the country’s children.

In recent weeks, Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president has been running a TV spot called “Role Models,” showing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump making some of his more controversial remarks over the past year.

With news breaking that Katie McGinty had called her opponent Sen. Pat Toomey “an asshole” at a meeting during the Democratic National Convention, the National Republican Senatorial Committee repurposed Clinton’s ad to hold against the Democratic senate candidate.

The NRSC’s ad – also called “Role Models” – starts the same way, with Clinton saying “Our children and grandchildren will look back at this time, at the choices we are about to make, the goals we will strive for, the principles we will live by. And we need to make sure that they can be proud of us.”

The ad then jumps to McGinty at a Communications Workers for America event, saying “I think I might borrow from Chris’ speech there, in terms of Pat Toomey. He’s an asshole, dammit,” before playing the clip several more times for good measure.

With McGinty trying to link Toomey to Trump’s brand of politics, the gaffe could turn out to be something of an own goal for her campaign.

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  1. Now she is blowing up my cell phone. That limped-dick RETARD better hurry home to the trailer.

  2. many may agree about toomey’s resemblance to various parts of human anatomy . but it was a stupid move for mc g to descend to Trumpian crudity in an arena where she’s sure to be recorded. how did her Rendellian handlers let this happen? don’t they vet every word she speaks before she speaks it ? they ought to.

  3. This is what it looks like when the Democrat troll can no longer deny to himself that he’s been owned:

  4. Oh no! The Democrat troll’s incompetence exposes himself again by trying to change his screen name. I’m so “dosgruntled” with you, LOL. You pretend to be women and no a Republican. Hahaha #SoOwned!!!!!!!!!

  5. You may be unsanctioned, but you are also unintelligent. Do you even have a job?

  6. @disgruntled, I’m unsanctioned, duh.

    You going to unite the party with someone who’s not running as a Republican? You must be a Democrat troll.

  7. @PSU Student
    Toomey doesn’t have the guts to say anything because he’s always running for the elevators or waiting cars whenever he’s asked about anything.

    When Pennsylvania needs support in Washington DC, we get none from Toomey. So any lawn chair like him is obviously broken and blown out.

  8. This “Unsanctioned R” does not speak for the majority of Republicans. He is a member of the loud minority that makes us look bad and divides us as a party. Figures he is a Trump supporter.

  9. After seeing Trump make fun of a reporter with a disability, I will never vote for Trump. The only redeeming thing about Toomey is that he has not endorsed Trump. He is good at not doing things. He has 6 years of practice.

    McGinty has my vote; and the votes of all my friends here in Delaware County.

  10. I have always thought the do nothing for average people Topmey as a Lawn Chair. Toomey does the same work as a lawn chair would do in the Senate. Sits there and does nothing but take up space. Gloves off Toomey is an asshole.

  11. @FYI – I would like you to point out a specific time in which Sen. Toomey called Mrs. McGinty a name. Yes, the GOP has been calling her #ShadyKatie – and frankly it is appropriate for her. I do not find it to be the least bit offensive. Each time an instance like this or with Mr. Trump pops up I imagine my daughter coming home from school and saying, “Dad! I learned a new word today.” A few words that I would rather her not learn pop through my head, may I add “Shady” is not one of those, but rather “@$$hole” is. Mrs. McGinty is running as a family oriented, woman and setting a poor example for my daughters and little girl throughout the commonwealth. Sen. Toomey would never use such language and I appreciate his willingness to forgive Mrs. McGinty and move on.

    Thank you for setting an excellent example for our children, Senator. You are a true class act.


    Pennsylvanian Parents

  12. So after months of name calling, negative ads and tweeting “Shady Katie” the GOP and Toomey now want to claim the high road. LOL. I don’t think so.

    Frankly, Katie is 100% right, especially considering the context!

    I look forward to casting my vote for Pennsylvania’s first woman United States Senator in November!

    Go Katie! PA Dems are behind you 100%!!

  13. @PSU Student – Exactly they treat men differently than women. Oh, but Republicans are sexists. I do, in fact, believe treating this situation as Sen. Toomey has (accepting her apology and moving on) is something the Democrats could learn from.

  14. If Toomey made this comment I guarantee you all would be setting the state on fire. Happy to see Katie keeps shooting herself in her foot. Thank you to the Washington elite for allowing us the privilege of running against this joke of a candidate.

  15. I can’t believe Joe lost to this shrew. At least the Party will get what it deserves for thinking it knows better than the voters.

  16. Should have bleeped. Also, this won’t be effective–calling your opponent an asshole isn’t great, but in this election it gets juxtaposed against Trump’s over top rhetoric and I think it just doesn’t hold up

  17. Well – Toomey IS an asshole. So, there’s that ….

    He is also a do-nothing garden gnome.


  18. I agree that this ad will make no difference in the race she’s been losing since day 1.

  19. So Clinton’s ad bleeped out Trump’s profanity, which the NRSC ad idiotically does not, so it is going to backfire. People seeing the ad will be angry with the sponsor for not bleeping it out, making Senate Republicans the ones to actually expose kids to the profanity by putting it on air, since McGinty’s utterance wasn’t actually heard by anyone except political junkies. Unless it wasn’t bleeped because it is web-only, which means it is meaningless. Verdict: No effect at best, with possible backfire the worst case scenario for this ad.

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