PA-Sen: Obama and Biden Endorse McGinty

Obama BidenFor the McGinty campaign, it is quite literally all hands on deck.

Today, her team rolled out endorsements from the President and Vice President of the United States.

“I am proud to endorse Katie McGinty to be Pennsylvania’s next United States Senator,” said President Barack Obama. “Katie is a true champion for working families, with a proven record of taking on big challenges and delivering for people. She spent her entire career working to promote clean energy and combat climate change, and worked closely with my administration to implement the Affordable Care Act and expand Medicaid coverage to more than 500,000 Pennsylvanians. I know Katie will take that same tenacity and drive with her to the Senate to ensure affordable, available heath care, to protect Social Security and Medicare, and to uphold and enforce Wall Street reforms.”  

“Pennsylvania is near and dear to my heart, and there is no one better to represent its working men and women in the Senate than Katie McGinty,” said Vice President Joe Biden. “As the ninth out of ten children, the daughter of a restaurant hostess and a police officer, she knows what it means to work hard, struggle to make ends meet, and build a better life, one day at a time. Katie’s voice is sorely needed in the Senate to advocate for equal pay for women, a raise in the minimum wage, college affordability, and a quality education for every child. I am thrilled to endorse Katie McGinty because she’ll be there for Pennsylvania’s middle class families, day in and day out.”

“I am honored to have the support of President Obama and Vice President Biden – two champions for working people and their families. Our country is stronger today thanks to their incredible leadership,” McGinty responded. “I proudly share their commitment to building an economy that works for all Pennsylvanians and fighting to strengthen the middle class. In the United States Senate, I will work every day to build on the progress that the Obama administration has made.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the April 26th Democratic primary.

54 Responses

  1. A Democrat who ONLY lost by 2% in 2010? Sounds like a winner to me in a Presidential year.

  2. Jerry Policoff-

    They hate Sestak because he allowed his ego and arrogance blow the last election against Toomey. Sestak REFUSED to coordinate with the state party, and even congressional campaigns. I was actually at an event tonight and ran across someone who was involved in several campaigns in 2010 and brought up how Sestak wouldn’t work with them. He expects Sestak would be even worse about it this year.

    Sestak didn’t endear himself to the White House when he tried blackmailing Obama into cancelling events and backing off support for Specter using job-gate.

    Joe is just a rotten person, who is not a Dem nor progressive, and is just hell-bent on satisfying his own ego and lust for power. Joe is more “establishment” in his selfishness than the actual “establishment”.

  3. The more the corrupt Democratic machine endorses McGinty the more entrenched I get in my resolve to vote for Sestak, and the more I will revel when he wins the primary. Yes, I have issues with Sestak, but I have many more issues with the machine, and the fact that they hate Sestak so much is enough to justify my vote for Sestak.
    Will the machine learn before it is too late that they just have become a sad joke? I find myself inclined to vote against anyone they endorse even if I am inclined otherwise to vote for them.

  4. bungy-
    “Outside the HOOD”

    That’s where Trump voters wear their “Make America Great Again” hats.

  5. Endorsement is Dumb, and Dumber. McG is not going to win and would never, ever, beat a pro like Toomey. Give us a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Obama is a brave man. Willing to take a position and do what he thinks is right. Unlike One-Term-Toomey.

  7. DemVet-

    Sestak was endorsed by “tickle-me” congressman Eric Massa (a week before Massa resigned). So, maybe Sestak has a different concept of having someone’s six.

    Joe been screwing his fellow Dem candidates from behind for years now.

  8. I know a lot of PA campaigning is about TV commercials, but if this news gets broadcast far and wide its a GAME CHANGER. Many minority voters who do not like sestak will be all in for mcginty

  9. Obama should be ashamed and just stayed out of it or supported Fetterman. The ONLY politician in Pittsburgh to come out in support of him in 2008. I’m an Iraq War veteran of the US Army and will never vote for Sestak. He would be terrible for our National Security – and doesn’t even know what Got Your Six means. And unfortunately, Katie McGinty is a political lightweight and would just toe the party line.

  10. RealDem

    You seem unconcerned about the giant stick Sestak has up his ass, thinking he’s still an Admiral.

  11. This endorsement won’t make any difference at this point. Most voters have decided, and this won’t change any minds, and unlikely the undecideds will make their decision based on what the establishment is supporting, this in the year of anti-establishment. In fact, it will likely hurt McGinty. When will DC learn that they don’t get to choose our candidate to represent us. Voters are just not that stupid anymore. Joe has the grassroots, and we will win the day!!

  12. Shannon – Spot on. Katie is so propped up, I saw the stick in her back when I saw her last week. Keep piling on the endorsements, guys. Pay no attention to those men behind the curtain, (Wolf, Groen, Rendell). Katie is peppy cheerleader joke of a candidate and I would be embarrassed to have her as my Senator.

  13. Observer-

    Where/when/why did you make up this bs about me having a daughter (let alone one I would allow within 10 feet of a creepy guy like Sestak) ?? Making up stuff like this is fairly insane.

    Your logic is that if Obama is endorsing McGinty she must be in big trouble. You should post the same “observation” in the thread about Obama endorsing Josh. 🙂

    I do agree it’s long past time to remove/replace the DNC chair.

  14. And of course, we all know Montco PA Dem is a junior associate in Marcel Groen’s law firm who posts whatever Monsieur Groen tells him to post. Please ask Marcel why it took TWO rounds of county commissioner elections after the Dems had an edge in voter registrations for him to win that courthouse? I voted Deem there for thirty years and never ever heard from the county Dems. Not once. He was a terrible choice for State chair, and got the job just for being a nice puppet for the Rendellians.

  15. Cue the irrational hatred from Disappointed Diano, still seeking wages for the volunteer work his daughter did ten years ago. That kind of grudge-carrying is dangerously insane. Can he even get a gun permit with that kind of diagnosis?

    Obama’s endorsement at this stage of the game means one thing: Katie’s in big, big trouble. Look what he had to do yesterday for his hand-picked DNC Chair, Wasserman Schultz – her own polling showed her trailing Canova by ten points so Obama endorsed a woman he hates. Must be just as dire straits for the Fracker’s Friend McGinty.

  16. Alexandria Khalil-

    Dems DID come out, but they voted for Toomey. Westmoreland was 60% Dem 40% Republican and Toomey got 60% of the vote there.

    Joe’s supporters may want him to work with other Dems, but history has shown that he won’t. He’s never even helped down-ticket candidates in Delco.

    If you aren’t interested in dealing with “candidate egos”, then you should abandon Sestak now, because he is all ego.

  17. David Diano – I blame .5% on Joe and the rest on lazy Dems who don’t come out to vote in mid-terms.

    Joe, who I like a lot, has issues, like all candidates. I support Bernie, others support Hillary and others support the Repubs – they all have issues. There is no excuse for Dems not to come out to vote in off year elections. The political and economic state of PA is a direct result of DEMS staying home.

    As far a Joe working with the Dems – he will – I can promise you that because his supporters want him to win and want to get rid of Toomey. We are here to win – not deal with any candidate or party leader egos.

  18. Alexandria Khalil-

    You don’t see how McGinty can win (the primary does look tough, given the recent polls).

    But, the problem is that Sestak has already proven that his ego takes precedence over cooperating to win in November. When Sestak won the 2010 primary, the party tried to come together to help him, including former Specter supporters. Sestak turned them away. His attitude was that since he beat Specter and endorsement by state party, they must all be “losers” and refused to work with them. (Joe has a lot of “Trump” in him.) He refused to pay state committee workers minimum wage to help on his campaign.

    So, his 2% loss was COMPLETELY his own fault and the result of his arrogance. What’s different this year? ZERO. If Sestak wins the primary, he won’t work with the party for November. He won’t take sound advice (just like Trump).

  19. I’m voting for Sestak. I voted for Obama in 2012 and Sen. Casey btw (2012 was first time I was old enough to vote).

  20. classic, I didn’t care how Katie earned her money until she started claiming to be a champion of the middle class, working families, and black lives matter.

    It’s the hypocrisy and the political collusion that offends me. I’m voting for Fetterman, but would support Sestak or the spring guy over McGinty. If McGinty wins in May, I’m writing David Diano in for the general election.

  21. dem – thank you for the compliment and I do understand that people can respectfully agree to disagree. However, I respectfully disagree with you that McGinty can win. I just don’t see it. I am part of the left and know people who are DEM moderates that are not supporting McGinty and are supporting Joe. I canvass a lot and I really don’t see the support for McGinty -unless you were a former Arlene Specter supporter. They seem to be the most upset about Joe.

  22. Shannon: “Katie also knows how to take a million bucks from the energy industry for basically showing up to a few board meetings and making a connections.”

    Funny, I can think of at least ten men who’ve done the same thing. It only matters when it seems “out of character” for a woman.

  23. Excuse me Alexandria, but Im already seeing several posts insulting the president, and one Sestak supporter who backs up their position using Trump quotes. So while you seem like a nice person who understands that people on the same side can have disagreements from time to time, you are standing with the moron contingent on the left in this race and not the clear best choice to defeat Toomey.

  24. Observant-

    If Sestak had a proper psych evaluation, he wouldn’t be qualified to use sharp scissors.

    Don’t you find that Sestak living in VA and having a second home in PA just to run for office to be an “elitist” trick? (just like when Santorum did the same thing)

  25. McGinty’s institutional support seems to fuel the “anti-establishment” theme of Sestak’s campaign. Seems like a year where people are sick of the establishment, just as an observation.

  26. David Diano here, I went off my meds again because they were messing up my golf game and they dilute the TRUTHS that I know about POLITICS IN PA. Please bare with me as I go on an unabashed tirade against anything and everything posted on this website.

  27. This is disappointing, but not unexpected. Rendell and Groen are pulling out all the stops to ensure that people they can control or have influence with prevail, and are ignoring the people. Needless to say, I won’t be Votng for McGinty, nor will I be voting for Shapiro. Those are the candidates of the Democratic Party Elites, top down candidates, created by politicians for politicians. It is sad that the President, Vice President, Senator Casey, etc. Have been corrupted by this Rendellians infection. The best cure will be to Exercise the Vote and Vote for Sestak for Senate and Zappala for Attorney General on April 26…two supremely qualified candidates that give us the best chance to win in November!

  28. No one is insulting President Obama – I support President Obama but I respectfully disagree with him on this issue. I disagreed with him when he supported Specter or Sestak. I still canvassed, volunteered and donated to President Obama’s re-election and still say President Obama is the best President in my lifetime.

  29. @Montco PA Dem you knock yourself out and vote for Katie, I mean she is “the ninth out of ten children, the daughter of a restaurant hostess and a police officer, she knows what it means to work hard, struggle to make ends meet, and build a better life, one day at a time.”

    Katie also knows how to take a million bucks from the energy industry for basically showing up to a few board meetings and making a connections.

  30. Let’s all enjoy while we watch the Sestak gang struggle to deal with this. Insult the President with an 80+% approval rating among democrats, or admit that their candidate is a bum? “We love the president, but he definitely doesn’t know better than we grassroots voters do about what makes a great senator.”

  31. Why does a Steve Zappala ad keep popping up every time I view a PoliticsPA post?

  32. Shannon-

    Really? Because Sestak is propped up by a fantasy list of his believes that he pretends to have to sucker Dems.

    Sestak FULLY supported the Iraq War and the Bush administrations tactics on the “War on Terror”. Sestak was part of the war, firing wherever he was told. He was involved in Bush-era anti-terrorism strategy. He voted for Iraq War funding (without accountability) in May and Dec 2007, with the Republicans and Bush. He voted for warrantless wiretaps and telecom immunity. In 2006, he said that “marriage is between a man and a woman”.

  33. As a MontcO PAer myself – I agree with Shannon and Barbara. I support Joe Sestak. I don’t often disagree with President Obama – but I disagree with him here.

    Joe Sestak gets the credit for PA Medicaid expansion. He voted for ACA. Joe Sestak supports the citizens of PA – not the frackers and lobbyists. For the life of me – I can’t tell you one thing Katie McGinty has done for the people of Pennsylvania.

  34. So which are you, Shannon – a Sestak shill or a Republican? Actually, there’s sort of no difference so never mind.

  35. Ahhh, the star on top of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree candidate that is Katie McGinty.

    I don’t think there has ever been a more propped up and fabricated candidate in my adult life.

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