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PA-Sen: Oops, Joe Sestak Stumbles over Kids During Parade (VIDEO)

Sestak-WalkParades are one of those outdated traditions from previous centuries before the inventions of TV or the internet, when people had to resort to watching other people walk for entertainment.

Nowadays, parades are mostly just a place for politicians to meet as many supporters, undecided voters and hecklers as possible.

For the most part they are usually uneventful (unless you try to lasso an entire press corps together).

Unfortunately for Democratic Senatorial candidate Joe Sestak, however, conservative opponents are using some parade-related accidents to embarrass him.

America Rising PAC, a group of conservative video trackers, caught two separate incidents when Sestak ran into kids during a Fourth of July parade.

The group posted a vine on their twitter page which quickly went viral.

On their website, they titled the video “Watch Joe Sestak (D-PA) Mow Over Several Kids At A July 4th Parade” invoking a kind of Godzilla-like rampage. Both children, though, seem alright.

Sestak is known for his indefatigable style. Earlier this year, he walked the entire length of the state. Coincidentally, several of the stories about that journey mentioned the candidate’s relationship with his tracker.

It’s unclear whether or not this was the same tracker.

13 Responses

  1. John H-

    It’s not that it’s the most they can get on Joe.

    The problem is that is the smoothest Joe can be on camera and the most that anyone would watch him. 🙂

    This story made it to one of the Chicago papers too.

  2. While it’s hard to keep politicians out of parades, they are not, as Mr. Fields suggests, outdated traditions from previous centuries. In the myriad small towns of Pennsylvania. They are important and popular celebrations of community.

  3. @jmarshak

    Oh come on jmarshak, is that all you do on here is say ‘oh come on’? On the Pawlowski post you started out with the same line. I don’t need meds by the way. I’m not a republican.

  4. 1) you would think that after waking 422 miles that he’d watch his step better

    2) after the first kid, why wasn’t he more careful?

    Maybe he was just over excited about the news out of Allentown

  5. Oh come on Liberal Lion, you and I both know that if Pat Toomey had done this, you, Jon Stewart, and the rest of the media would harp about it for weeks.

    Take your medicine.

  6. “Watch Joe Sestak (D-PA) Mow Over Several Kids At A July 4th Parade”

    Props to whoever coined that headline, lol.

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