PA-Sen: Pat Toomey On The O’Reilly Factor

Wednesday night, Sen. Pat Toomey went on The O’Reilly Factor discussing sanctuary cities, a policy that has been a hot topic in the Pennsylvania Senate race and one that Toomey has spoken about with O’Reilly before.

He discussed the case of Ramone Aguirre-Ochoa, an illegal immigrant from Honduras, who was deported in 2009 but came back to Philadelphia.

After facing local criminal charges in 2014 over another incident, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), made a detainer request to Philadelphia authorities to hold Aguirre-Ochoa until a federal agent could pick him up and deport him. Philadelphia denied the request after the criminal charges were dropped and he was set free. He was arrested again in July, accused of raping a 13-year old child.

“The police department, their hands were tied by a very bad policy that forbids them from cooperating with federal immigration officials,” said Sen. Toomey. “It’s terrible, and it’s a security risk for all of us.”

Pat Toomey claimed that he hasn’t met a single police officer that supports sanctuary city policies. He also pointed out that there is bipartisanship opposition citing that former  Mayor Michael Nutter rescinded the policy before the current mayor, Jim Kenney, reinstated it.

Sen. Toomey has proposed legislation which would withhold congressional funding from sanctuary cities, such as Philadelphia, until they repeal sanctuary city policies. The bill would also enforce “stiff” statutory minimums on illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes. The bill was entitled “Kate’s Law”, named after Kate Steinle, but failed to get the 60 vote minimum to begin debate on the issue.

7 Responses

  1. Amazing how these bought and paid for politicians become so passionate about issues right before an election that they should have been addressing during their last term in office.

    Problem with our choice in November is Toomey is bad and McGinty is worse.

  2. I’m a self confessed news junkie that lives in Pennsylvania. I’ve NEVER heard of sanctuary cities. I have heard that Republicans in PA don’t like Toomey. He’s difficult to work with, even among R’s. Please Pennsylvanians, vote for McGinty, perfect solution.

  3. CentPADem: the logistics of Sanctuary Cities are mostly unknown to the public, as with most complicated policy discussions. Congress can work on funding for immigration law enforcement funding, but in the mean time would Philadelphia rather have people like that man roaming the city streets? It’s about safety. They aren’t looking for mass deportations, they’re just looking for cooperation with local law enforcement.

    Furthermore, Toomey is not a moron. I personally don’t agree with some of the things he stands for, but he is a far better choice than Katie McGinty.

  4. Congress doesn’t appropriate funding to pay for immigration law enforcement and expects local government to pick up the tab. That is the problem Toomey you moron.

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