PA-Sen: Philly Dems Back McGinty

Katie_McGintyKatie McGinty secured the support of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee.

Congressman Bob Brady and the various ward leaders announced their endorsement last Friday.

“The Philadelphia Democratic City Committee is incredibly pleased today to announce our support for Katie McGinty to be our next U.S. Senator,” said City Committee Chair Congressman Bob Brady. “We are supporting Katie because she is a proven leader and will be a tremendous advocate for working people in the U.S. Senate. She will work to raise the minimum wage, close the wage gap once and for all, and keep Medicare and Social Security strong. I look forward to working with Katie to bring good jobs, quality education, and real opportunity back home to Philadelphia.”

“I am grateful to have the support of committed Democrats throughout my home city,” said Katie McGinty. “These leaders have been at the forefront of bringing so much vitality and promise to Philadelphia, while also working hard to take on the deep poverty that grips so many of our families. In the Senate, I will work tirelessly to stand up for hardworking Pennsylvanians from all corners of our state.  For too long, Republicans, like Senator Toomey, have been looking out for the special interests and have been obstructionists while in office – this is wrong and Pennsylvania deserves better.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the April 26th Democratic primary.

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  2. Facts of Senate Campaign…… Politics is a contact support. If Sestak wins primary election he will lose to Toomey in the General. Sestak has burned bridges with President Obama, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ,and Governor Wolf. These bridges cannot be rebuilt. Sestak will not receive funding from these groups. Toomey will outspend Sestak ten to one. The Democrats will take their money to other battleground states leaving Pennsylvania to six more years of Toomey. I don’t know if McGinty can beat Toomey but she will have financial support to try. Ask Mark Critz what happens when you burn these same bridges. Guaranteed defeat. So if you must vote for Joe don’t be surprised at what follows politically. SOMETHINGS NEVER GO AWAY !

  3. BDem-

    Sestak turned down offer to be candidate against Specter, because Specter as R was not even remotely beatable by a Dem. But, Specter as a Dem would also have been unbeatable against Toomey, who could not capture the middle from him.

    Sestak ran to the left, and gift-wrapped the middle (and seat) for Toomey.

    This story about Schumer telling Sestak how to vote is complete bullsh*t by Sestak. If Sestak actually got elected, he could/should certainly listen to any advice by Schumer, but wouldn’t be bound by in anymore as an “establishment” candidate than an “anti-establishment” candidate. He might not get great committee assignments, but those are assigned before you begin voting anyway.

  4. Let’s not let facts get in the way of a good spew against someone who got a standing O at the State Committee meeting (while McGinty got polite applause).
    Mc Ginty was selected to run–after others were considered.
    Sestak is the only candidate for statewide who actually went to each county after the 2010 and thanked people for their work as committeepeople. When’s the last time You saw that? Hes’s a mensch, as stand up guy.
    He was named most productive Congressman for the bipartisan bills he worked on–suggests teamwork.
    His Congressional office was open seven days a week for consitutients.
    At his walking meetings in various communities he listens. Introduces himself and shuts up after saying “I want to hear your concerns….”
    With Senators being given very complex pieces of legislation, he is the only one with an encyclopedic knowledge of the ACA.
    He’s also the only one with an inside view of what defense $$ go to–the type of person we need to stop trillion dollar turkeys like the YF35
    He was on the small business subcommittee and that’s an interest that is needed for all the towns between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

    The DSCC is pouring 4.3 million WHICH TAKES AWAY FROM WHAT THEY CAN SPEND IN THE GENERAL. This is odd.

    So he told Schumer he wouldn’t only ask “how high” when asked to jump. You hold that against him David?

    But for many of us the fact that a vote for him is a one fingered peace sign to Brady, Schumer, Rendell and the others who want to shove their anointed candidate down our throats is reason enough to work hard to get him on the November ballot.

    (Conversely, our hearts won’t be in working for McGinty and her toxic producing clients). Yes, we’ll work because even she’s better than Toomey, but it’ll be like the polite handclap she got at State Committee –0 enthusiasm.

  5. Joe is a combination of Captain Queeg and Colonel Jessup.

    Belle Avis-
    The Dems don’t want a guy with a screw loose like Sestak. Joe’s not a “maverick” because he has some higher ideals. Quite the opposite. He expects everyone to salute him and won’t work with anyone in a cooperative manner. He’s ill-suited by temperament to be in the Senate or represent anyone but himself.

    Tim –
    You have clearly met the REAL Joe Sestak.

    Jessica Myers-
    Go hang out with Joe. Talk to his former staffers.

    Mcginty’s revolving door to $$$-
    The party wants an actual Democrat who will work with the party toward victory, not some arrogant twerp who thinks he’s entitled to be worshiped by thankful Dems for the blessing of his choosing to run in our party.

    D. Escanaba-

    Can’t you read Joe’s own confession….

    If he had agreed, when he was asked, he would have announced he was running and selected. He turned them down. He didn’t accpet their offer.
    BTW, at one point, Joe Torsella was looked at for a run (aka the sacrificial lamb), before they flipped Specter.

    He ABSOLUTELY screwed up the 2010 race. He REFUSED help from people who had previously supported Specter. In a close race, you don’t turn away man-power and resources. That’s like being in a war against a common enemy and turning away help from allies. (One more reason to question Sestak’s strategy credentials.)

    What I can see is that if Sestak wins the primary, he will be even more spiteful and uncooperative with the party, and not work with the coordinated campaign and share resources. Joe NEVER shares resources.

  6. I love McGinty’s campaign adds – “Endorsed by Obama and Biden. Supported Obamacare… Etc. Almost ensures her a loss to the Republicans! This is ALMOST as bad as when Mitt Romney started preaching on national TV and killed his ratings! This really is, as they say, a SPECIAL kind of stupid!

  7. DD, your whole narrative is wrong. When party leaders initially asked Joe to run against Arlen, he thought about it and decided to go for it. After Arlen switched parties, he kept going for it. They didn’t go to Arlen because Joe said “no”, they went to Arlen because Joe said, “yes, but I won’t be your puppet.”

    And he didn’t screw up the 2010 race at all. He nearly beat Toomey in the Tea Party wave year when the establishment Dem gubernatorial candidate (Dan Onorato) running at the same time got absolutely crushed.

    Take your own spite and ego and go do something that matters.

    McGinty’s nomination more or less guarantees another Toomey term. Can’t you see that?

  8. So, a few big-wig Dems are backing a candidate who finished last in her own party’s primary. Sestak will win the primary and go on to pose a significant challenge to Toomey, this time likely beating Toomey. Whether one admits it or not, Sestak has the rank and file Dems on his side, because they are loyal and they know Joe and loyalty is a 2-way street. McG has no experience, no loyalty, no work ethic, and no authentic support among the rank and file and ordinary citizens. Her support comes from a few decision makers who want a puppet on a string. Joe told those folks to take a hike long ago. We admire Joe for not taking marching orders from the bosses, elites, and the donor class.

  9. Diano — We get it. You hate Sestak. Your obsession is weird and, well, somewhat sad.

    Get a fucking grip, man.

  10. I know this is a year of the anti-establishment candidate but there are limits. Joe Sestak has been running around this state to DEMOCRATIC EVENTS FOR FIVE MINUTE SPEECHES FOR SEVEN YEARS. Now he claims he is not in step with the Democratic Party because other candidates dared to run against him this year. I have been a Democrat all my life I believe in the Democratic Philosophy of Government. The hidden personally that just a few of us who have known Joe for ten years will tell you he never was a true Democrat . Joe is a vain arrogant little man who blames everyone but himself when things go wrong. It was in his military life, his congressional years, and his 7 year run for Senator. If you vote for Joe two things will happen. If he wins the Democratic Primary he will be destroyed by Toomey in the general. The Democratic Party will not fund his campaign. If by some miracle he wins he will be a party of Joe that no one will work with in the Senate. His views on cutting entitlements to Seniors makes him as dangerous to seniors as Toomey is. Better way vote no to Joe in the Primary next Tuesday.

  11. So, the Deems are backing someone who finished LAST in her own party’s primary, instead of a candidate who narrowly lost the general election. And they’re spending $4m to do it.

    Yeah, that makes sense.

  12. This is from a fundraising letter from Sestak, today. It demonstrates what a weasel he’s been: IN HIS OWN WORDS !

    When I announced our Senate campaign, I said “We are in a fight for the soul of America.” But I believe we are also in a
    fight for the soul of the Democratic Party. I do not take being opposed by my party’s D.C. leadership lightly, and last year requested several meetings with key U.S. Senators. DC was uneasy I had refused to sit down in the 2009/2010 Senate race after Senator Specter switched parties, even though they had initially asked me to run against Specter while he was still a Republican.”

    Let’s translate/explain this:

    1) “anti-Establishment” Joe was asked by the “Establishment” to run.
    (Some, of you here have doubted my claim of this, and my source being Sestak himself, but here is it in his own fundraising email.)

    2) Joe was offered the job of being the candidate, and said “No.”

    3) So, the DSCC went in search of another candidate. They flipped Specter, who helped us pass the stimulus package and Obamacare. Two REALLY important accomplishments, and a coup against the GOP (and a candidate with nearly $10 million in cash).

    4) So, then, even after Sestak refused the job, he jumps up and demands to be the candidate. When they explain that he gave up his turn, Joe threw a temper tantrum and blew up the whole race, wasting millions of dollars, losing his own seat, and costing us the Senate race.

    Joe’s crying now about the DSCC spending millions against him? F*ck him. He took $4.5 million dollars he raised to hold/defend the 7th congressional district and wasted it on an unnecessary Senate run for his bruised ego.

    In business, if someone offers you a job, and you say “No”, and they hire someone else, who the f*ck shows up an demands the job they refuse? And even goes on to sabotage the guy who took the job and the entire company?

    So, Joe is completely full of sh*t about why the “establishment” doesn’t like him. He screwed up the 2010 Senate race out of spite and ego.

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