PA-Sen: Police Gear Sparks Latest Toomey-McGinty Battle

BaltimoreLaw enforcement equipment is the latest hot-button issue in the race between Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty.

In the aftermath of the Baltimore riots, Senator Toomey became one of the most outspoken supporters of the police in Congress.

Then in March, the Senator introduced his “Lifesaving Gear for Police Act”. Toomey’s made this legislation a campaign issue, hitting McGinty for not supporting it.

Yesterday, however, Andrew Desiderio of the Daily Beast went after Sen. Toomey and accused him of using the police as a wedge issue. The McGinty campaign eagerly hopped on.

“The report shows clearly that Toomey has opposed sending surplus equipment to local law enforcement, until he reversed his position and introduced a bill to send local law enforcement a wide range of surplus equipment, including grenade launchers and bayonets,” McGinty Communications Director Josh Levitt stated. “Now, though, Toomey won’t even stand behind his own, politically-motivated bill. His office’s spokesman admitted last week that Toomey doesn’t even agree with what he’s proposing.”

The Toomey team took umbrage at Desiderio’s argument, pointing out that the Senator has been focused on this issue for longer than the writer seemed to suggest. They also justified Sen. Toomey’s stance by citing recent events.

“The terrorist attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino demonstrate that it should be easier, not harder, for police departments to acquire lifesaving protective equipment like armored vehicles,” Toomey Communications Director Ted Kwong told PoliticsPA. “That is why numerous law enforcement groups have endorsed Senator Toomey’s legislation and his reelection campaign as well.”

12 Responses

  1. Montco PA Dem…… Why would you be surprised that someone would “jump in on this” when reality replaces your fantasy statement of a world where police are not victims of a person(s) out to assassinate them via a ambush from concealed height positions. Your other comments are as assanine as your others. What difference does the size of a police department make. A murdered police officer is a murdered police officer.

    You speak of other “sources” that can be in in a short time. Educate us what sources are they. If so if they are not properly equipped it will only result more murdered police officers. Your opinion is as rediculous as your other comments what source can you cite that sure urban police departments are gearing up for war.
    NO SOURCE exists it’s a product of your warped mind.

    The killing must stop and you are entitled to post your comments here and other places but you also are held accountable for your words hence your cowardly writing of “I will not respond to it anymore” Sure you won’t. I’ll pray with you for the Dallas police officers killed and injured and their famalies. I’ll also pray for you that maybe you now realize the absurdity and cowardly comments you posted. Live behind your anonymity here and crawl out from under your rock when you feel it’s safe.

    Blue lives matter

  2. I knew somebody was going to jump on this, so let me say a few things. First and foremost, what happened in Dallas was an act of hate, of cowardice, and complete evil. I wish we would stop killing each other from both sides, it is cruel and senseless.

    My comments here were about the miliarization of suburban police departments. Dallas is the 9th largest city in America. Its police force and those in similar urban areas will face crimes and situations that no suburban area needs to prepare for. If the time ever comes that some awful event unfolds in the burbs, there are sources other than the local PD that can bring in whatever is needed in a very short time.

    When you build an army, you are preparing for war. And we neither have nor should we prepare for war in suburban communities. That, in my opinion, is a dangerous and deadly mindset.

    I will not respond to this any further, it is too soon after the tragedy in Dallas to have any kind of rational conversation about it. Today it is time to mourn and honor those who died last night protecting their city. That’s what I intend to do.

  3. Monaco PA Dem……I hope you feel like a piece of shit that you are. Why do Police need an armored personnel carrier? To protect themselves from cowardly snipers looking to kill police from above in a parking garage. Police looking to protect people just like you.

  4. Montco PA DEM…… Once again you overstate things. You saw no bazookas right. You saw no tanks right. As a matter of fact the military cannot act as local law enforcement. There is a provision under Federal Statue called Posse Commetatus Act that prohibits that. The National Guard can be called up by the Governor in times of emergency. Since you can’t cite any politicians who advocate this your statement is wrong. As far as playing video games. I don’t, no one I know does, do you? Finally your comments cheapen the brave men and women who serve as Seals and Rangers by hinting that a local police officer could fill there shoes.

    My suggestion…….GROW UP

  5. Yep, she’s conceded that Toomey and his looney rightwing supporters are the only grown men she knows that still like to play Army.

  6. Suburban police departments simply do not need armored personnel carriers. Or bazookas. Or tanks. And if you think they do, you’ve been playing way too many video games. Cops are not soldiers. Police forces are not armies. And my hometown is not your battlefield.

    Cops in suburban communities need vests and helmets. They need reliable vehicles and enough manpower that they don’t have work double shifts. They need adequate healthcare so they don’t have any extra worry about their kids getting sick or what happens if they get hurt.

    But they don’t need maniac politicians trying to turn them into Navy SEALs or Army Rangers.

  7. Montco Pa Dem………

    The police are charged with protecting life and property. If additional resources are required then there is no reason not to request same from surrounding townships. I guess you disagree when the state police were called in to support the Ferguson police department.

    If an armored personnel carrier is parked across from your police department so what. It’s there to protect you and your family. The National Guard is only authorized to mobilize when ordered to do so by the Governor in times of a declared emergency.

  8. To Montco PA Dem: You object to the police having armored protection because they may use it (ostensibly to protect themselves)? Why should police not have as much protection from harm as they judge they need? Armor is defensive in nature. I don’t understand your objection.

  9. Supplying suburban police like they were invading Iraq serves no purpose except to start the wheels turning in a “let’s find a way to use this” direction. I live in a leafy, quiet suburan enclave. The other day, I saw an armored personnel carrier parked across from our police headquarters. No need for that, none at all. That’s why we have the National Guard.

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