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PA-Sen: Politico Ranks Toomey’s Seat Fifth Most Vulnerable

Toomey SadSen. Pat Toomey’s re-election race was ranked in the top five most competitive Senate contests this November.

According to Kevin Robillard of Politico, the PA race is the fifth-most likely to see the incumbent defeated.

“Toomey, a favorite of the Koch network, the Chamber of Commerce and the Club for Growth, looks set to get help from the full breadth of the GOP coalition,” Robillard writes. “Those outside groups also believe they can define Democrat Katie McGinty using everything from her long career in government and consulting to a recent false claim that she was the first member of her family to go to college. Democratic outside groups have had to buck her up, from the DSCC’s big primary spending to a recent (and rare) contrast ad from Senate Majority PAC.”

Robillard goes on to note that while Democrats are optimistic, Toomey has held GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump at arms length so far and therefore it could be difficult for the Dems to link the two in voters’ minds.

Regardless, Katie McGinty is given a decent chance at this point in the race and the balance of power in the upper chamber could come down to whether she unseats Sen. Toomey.

10 Responses

  1. Sen Toomey needs to be specific and say he is against illegals and sanctuary cities and introduce legislation to prohibit all federal funds from being use for those cities and stop all freebies to illegals. If he does that, he wins easily over Katie “let them all in” McGinty.

  2. Well, Messrs. Zimmer and 2A4ever – it looks like Sen. Toomey voted to block the bill that would have prevented terrorists from being allowed to buy firearms.

  3. Bless Trump- the alternative to the evil Clinton empire. Toomey is a fraud.
    Caved on taxes on senate select committee, supports McConnell for leader, and is a hypocrit – runs on one platform votes other way. Republicans against Toomey will help defeat this political fraud. McGinty is a far better choice-

  4. Toomey (Whig) is a Wall Street hack, he supports bad trade deals and hates working class people. He is going down big.

  5. Mr. Toomey let me make mayself clear. IF YOU VOTE AGAINST tonight’s bill to keep people on any terroristist or no fly list from buying a gun I WILL VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT RUNNING AGAINST YOU. And remember, I have been a registered republican SINCE 1970!

    Thank you.

    BY THE WAY, renounce any hint of supporting Donald Trump. He is NOT a REPUBLICAN! He is running on the TRUMP PARTY BALLOT!

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