PA-Sen: PPP Poll: 43% Approve of Casey’s Job Performance

Bob CaseySen. Bob Casey received a good response from his constituents in a poll conducted last week by Public Policy Polling.

The poll shows Casey has a 43 percent approval rating, while 33 percent of those polled disapproved of the senior PA senator’s work in Washington. Casey recorded the highest favorability or approval rating of all the officials PPP surveyed, narrowly beating out Ed Rendell’s 42%.

Predictably, Casey draw support from Obama voters (64%), as well as those who describe themselves as “very liberal” (77%) and “somewhat liberal” (65%). The state’s senior Senator also pulls good numbers with moderates (45%), although not with independents (34%).

The data also shows Casey has a 60 percent approval rating from African American voters and is one of the few Democrats to have a plurality of white respondents favor his tenure (42/34).

Still, men in general disapproved of the senator – who is in his second term – 44 percent to 42 percent. He still has a healthy 45 percent to 24 percent margin, though, when it comes to women.

Casey’s ratings hold steady in the 40%-45% range across all age groups.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 799 registered voters from May 21st to 24th. 80% of interviews were conducted over the phone while 20% interviewed over the internet. The margin of error for the survey is +/- 3.5%.

5 Responses

  1. I cannot wait for 11/8/18 to Vote this Do Nothing Out Of There.

    We do not need obstructionism. NOW there is something he is good At.

  2. Casey, Jr. is a brilliant politican, he toasted incumbant Santorum and has been re-elected. The Dems recently won the AG, Auditor General, Treasurer and Governor. That is a pretty good recent record, how many more do they need to win to satisfy some people?

  3. It says something when 43% favorable job approval is the high score for Pa. incumbents. It also says a lot about Casey because 43% job approval is danger territory for any incumbent. Casey is a neoliberal who pretends to be a progressive while keeping as low a profile as he can which has been his modus operandi since he entered politics. If the GOP ever runs a strong candidate against him he will be toast. As for me, I am a progressive Democrat who has never voted for him and never will. I wrote in real progressives rather than cast a vote for Casey who would not even be our Senator if Ed Rendell and Chuck Schumer had not coerced Joe Hoeffel and Barb Hafer out of running in the primary in 2006. The Democrats will win a lot more elections in this state if they stop trying to shove people like Casey, Specter, Schwartz, et al down out throats.

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