PA-Sen: PPP Poll: Toomey Leads All Democratic Challengers

Toomey-SestakPat Toomey has the lead on all his potential Democratic challengers, according to the latest PPP poll.

His advantages, however, are still in the single digits and there are several months and plenty of undecided voters left.

The 2010 Democratic nominee performs the best against the Senator. Toomey is ahead of Sestak 41% to 38% with 21% not sure.

Toomey’s lead expands to seven points, 43% to 36%, against ex-Chief of Staff to Governor Wolf Katie McGinty. Once again, 21% would be undecided in such a contest.

Finally, Toomey also has a seven-point advantage over Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, 41% to 34%. 24% were not sure.

The drawbacks for the Senator are that he is below the 50% threshold and his opponents lead him among moderates and independents. Still, his party is united behind him and a potentially bruising six-month Democratic primary awaits.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,012 registered voters from October 8th to 11th. The margin of error is +/-3.1%.

11 Responses

  1. Scary- but I think I agree with
    David. Toomey will lose for several reasons-
    His support of Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader- unlike Reid , Daschell and Mitchell- McConnell is a disaster for republicans and our Nation
    Toomey will lose because he told us he was a conservative but votes like a party hack- witness two faced approach on gun control and his quick caving in on taxes while on joint deficits committee.
    Finally , Toomey will lose because Clinton will bring out a huge turnout of dems and many republicans and indepts are disappointed in Toomey

  2. Billy

    Hillary is going to bring out plenty of dems, new women voters, and moderate republicans sick of the tea party.


    Toomey is incumbent with a lot of money. The dems need Hillary to have HUGE coattails.

  3. Didn’t we see this story yesterday? PA Politics must be trying to convince us that Toomey is a lock to win.

    Toomey is a terrible Senator. Only the RW/Teabaggers think different, but that boatload is sinking. Since the GOP “base” is a third, that means Toomey has maybe 5% independents. The other 24% are undecided about him, after years in office. I interpret that to mean they are hoping the Dems put up s decent alternative.

  4. Sue said it all right there. Beating Toomey will be tough under any circumstances, with the money he has in the war chest. But, he’s a terrible Senator and that could make for a terrible candidate.

  5. PPP is a Democratic polling firm and this is registered voters not likely voters, so there is likely some Democratic bias. Looks l ok ke Toomey is in good shape.

  6. 2HoursInOnASestakStory-

    I posted about this at 1:18 pm on the thread about the PPP primary poll, before this current story/thread was posted.

    Here is what I posted 3 hours ago:

    BTW, the same PPP poll had General election
    • 41-34 vs. Braddock Mayor John Fetterman
    • 43-36 vs. former gubernatorial chief of staff Katie McGinty
    • 41-38 vs. 2010 nominee Joe Sestak
    This is basically dead-even for the candidates given the margin of error and probably says more about Toomey against “generic Dem” than anything else.
    The same poll has Ben Carson beating Hillary in PA. LOL So, it shows how crazy early polls can be.
    Note: poll was before Hillary’s debate, where she handled herself well.

  7. The only important numbers here are Toomey being well under 50% as a well known incumbent.

    That leaves a lot of room for any of his challengers, any of who would be a huge improvement over mr. Club for growth (of the oligarchy)

  8. McG can’t win! Sestak can beat Toomey. McG should drop out, for the sake of the Dem Party. I can live with Fetterman also, but do need to know more.

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