PA-Sen: Pres. Obama Cuts Last-Minute Web Ad for McGinty (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama is making one last push for Katie McGinty.

The nation’s 44th President stars in a new web ad for the Democratic Senate nominee.

“It’s been a long campaign with a lot of back and forth, and I want to make sure there is no confusion,” Obama begins. “I strongly support Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate. Her working class roots define what she’s all about. Creating good jobs that pay a living wage, improving all our schools, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and always standing up for equality and social justice.”

This appears to be a response to Toomey’s use of the President in a new commercial which may confuse undecided or low-information voters about which candidate Barack Obama supports.

“Her opponent will fall-in behind Donald Trump. But Katie will stand with us and fight for us,” the President concludes. “So on Tuesday, stand with me and Katie McGinty. She’ll be somebody we can trust.”

22 Responses

  1. DJT broke the glass cleiling for not politicians….great life….he even beat a life time sleeve ball lesbo..

  2. Ha ha…get over it losers…wait…don’t get over it I’m enjoying your girly winning…are you guys really girls…

  3. I support McGinty over the garden gnome, who cannot decide if he likes sleazy Trump or not. Not the t=reak me who is posting sh*t against Hillary. But then sleazy and corrupt has always been the Trump way. No surprise that he stoops to this at the last day of campaign.

  4. DD: Some troll stole my name. So when posts don’t sound like me, they are not. They are from the cowardly troll.

  5. Attention! This is an urgent message from The Godfather. La Familia needs everyone to vote Trump! It is in our interest because Trump will appoint a Irish guy who somehow snuck into our family as the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. We can make so much money selling his vote, even more than we make on our frivolous turnpike bond issues. So…vote Trump for good government and because we lost the A.G. Race with my cousin, Stevie Junior. The Godfather says we gotta make it up fast or come Christmas we can only celebrate the feast of one fishy.

  6. Havie

    So, you’re blaming Obama for the KKK (who endorsed Trump), and the white supremacists (who endorsed Trump), and the American neo-Nazis (who endorsed Trump) ?

    And the decades of voter suppression of blacks, is Obama’s fault too?

  7. Obama is a racist and an antisemite. He has divided our Nation and shamed his Office. More corrupt than Nixon and more incompetent than Carter- all Americans should realize it is only fitting than filth follows filth- of course Obama supports shady Katie- so sad we have gone from JFK and Rfk to manure like Katie and Ovama

  8. Gulag

    McGinty beat a giant and a dwarf to get here. Now, she just has to beat the troll (or gnome).

  9. I hate to say it – but OneTermGardenGnome doesn’t stand a chance. Katie gonna CRUSH Toomey.

  10. Yeah, vote for the woman who came in last in the Governor’s race and then hijacked the Governor’s Office while Wolf rode around the state in a Jeep. Vote for the woman who was the architect of a historically long budget impasse. Vote for the woman who is the most viciously ambitious and self-promoting back-stabber in politics (well, second only to HRC). Great idea! She’s even better than Kathleen Kane!

  11. He’s got “Independent” plastered all over today, too. He’s been hiding for six years and he’s even trying his damnedest to hide on Election Day. Let’s see how easily PA voters are fooled.

    Don’t fall for it, Pennsylvania!

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