PA-Sen: Pro-Sestak Super PAC Launches TV Ad (VIDEO)

Joe Sestak has a Super PAC and they’re going to bat for him.

According to Laura Olson of the Morning Call, this new Super PAC is called Accountable Leadership and the ad was made by The Campaign Group.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Never Quits”, focuses exclusively on a rematch between Sestak and incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Toomey.

“2010, Joe Sestak’s the one Democrat who stood to Pat Toomey’s right-wing politics,” the narrator begins, in a statement that plenty of Democrats are likely to take issue with. “Now Sestak is walking across Pennsylvania, organizing Democrats to make Washington accountable.”

The commercial then recounts Sestak’s resume, with considerably more focus on his naval career than his time in Congress.

“Only Joe Sestak is tough enough to stand up to the politicians,” the narrator concludes. “This year, Joe Sestak, the Democrat.”

The ad did not mention Sestak’s primary opponents former Chief of Staff to Governor Wolf Katie McGinty and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman.

McGinty released her first commercial this week, while EMILY’s List has promised to spend $1 million for TV spots on her behalf.

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  1. Tanya: It’s Emily’s List and their support for McGinty that is sexist. They are discriminatory because they support only women. They are stupid because Joe Sestak fully pro-choice. I’m not going to vote for a candidate just because she is a woman.

    I will however vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a better candidate than Bernie Sanders.

  2. The sexist revolving door commneter strikes again. He cant handle a woman having a more impressive career than a demoted jerk from the navy and an silver spoon ogre.

  3. Speaking for sane D’s-

    Good point about his warped senses. But, what I meant was that Joe’s natural inclination is to the GOP and right wing thinking.

    The first day I met Joe at his campaign HQ opening, he said flat out that “Marriage is a between a man and a woman.” I have ZERO doubt that he loved having Reagan as president and all the military build-up and tough talk.

    I don’t think for one minute that Sestak voted for Clinton over Bush Sr, or that he voted for Obama any of the three times: 2008 primary, 2008 general, 2012 general

    Except for truth-serum (which might actually kill Sestak to speak true), Sestak will continue to spout his lies from everything to his positions on issues to where he lives.

    I don’t think Joe is an ideologue with any deep political thought. He grew up in Springfield PA (the most solidly Republican township in Delco) and attended Catholic High school. His father was in the military before him. This is a “God and Country” GOP resume.

    Add in his abusive attitude/behavior toward female staffers, failing to pay staff minimum wages, having to memorize liberal talking points, and not knowing how to refute Toomey’s conservative points, it’s pretty clear that Sestak is a typical Delco republican. He picked the party that would allow him to get elected in 2006, as running against Weldon in a primary was not going to work.

  4. Speaking for Ds—-
    The problem with your logic is that Sestak has the highest probability of winning. So, help Sestak–or Fetterman………………………Mcginty is a loser and has always lost, but thinks she is ‘entitled’ for some outlandish reason……furthermore—-she is a revolving door to financial rewards while screwing you and me……………………..there’s a lot to this story!!!!

  5. Mcginty’s revolving door to $$$,
    Bemoan the establishment all you want. But when we lose key elections and cant take back our legislature from the psychopaths on the right because we put up candidates who cant run a competitive general election campaign, the blame falls on you. Everyone who has worked with Sestak, hates him, hence the Ted Cruz comparison. Not including the super religious, have you met many republicans with anything good to say about Cruz?

    David Diano,
    Calling him a closeted conservative implies he actually has substantive stances. Joe floats between positions however his warped sense of reality tells him to.

  6. Dick Miller:
    I learned long ago to contribute only to candidates you personally support and ignore the national and state party. The party pushes establishment candidates who are definitely corporate and moderate to conservative in outlook. You know, insiders like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and 3rd Way types of candidates. They are a “club” of insiders and lost souls who have forgotten that the Dem Party was once for the people and not the corporations. Now they just rhetorically mouth the slogans, but don’t believe a word of it. When they say they are for the “people”, you can be sure they mean “corporations” because corporations have been declared to be “persons” under current Supreme Court interpretation.

  7. Speaking for sane D’s

    That’s mostly true, except that Sestak is closet conservative and fake lefty.

  8. Then you can keep all your monies, Dick. We need a Senator who will work with people. Sestak is the Ted Cruz of the left. He’s crazy, inconsistent, narcissistic, and useless in a legislative body that desperately needs to find some sort consensus through true teamwork.

  9. I have stopped contributing to national Democratic Party interests since I learned that money would be spent to defeat Joe Sestak in the primary. I will return as a contributor when I am convinced our Dem national leaders are not spending monies against other Democrats. Putting Sestak in the US Senate will provide Pennsylvania a representative in solving our country’s problems on security and insuring the military has a proper role in our affairs.

  10. I have stopped contributing to national Democratic Party interests since I learned that money would be spent to defeat Joe Sestak in the primary. I will return as a contributor when I am convinced our Dem national leaders are not spending monies against other Democrats.

  11. David is plain wrong about the definition of ‘coordination with a candidate’s campaign.’ material publicly available on the internet, in past campaign publicity materials, on faceBook, on twitter, and in published private or public news photos can be used by any PAC for any purpose. once it’s public domain, it’s able to be used by anyone and for any purpose .

    so kindly point out for us which materials in the PAC ad supporting Sestak are not public domain ?

  12. More fake “grassroots” talk from the Repubs. Rank and file Dems didn’t like having a 30-year Republican shoved down their throats as a Democrat when Specter tried to run. McGinty isn’t anything close to that, and Democrats will happily vote for her over Sestak. Happy beats Creepy.

  13. Whatever McGinty’s qualifications or lack of them, she suffers from her anointment by the Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid, Ed Rendell bunch. The grassroots do not like that pushy, elitist crap.

  14. David Diano:
    Stock photos and footage put out in the public sphere is able to be used legally by SuperPACs.

  15. This is going to give Sestak an opportunity to remind the public that he easily won two terms to Congress in a very red district and defeated the heavily favored Specter (the chosen candidate of the Democratic Establishment) by double-digits. His two-point loss to Toomey is itself something to boast about since most Democrats went down by double-digits that year. It will also be an opportunity to point out that the Democratic Establishment opposes Sestak. All of these things will resonate with the voters.
    Sorry David, but once those ads air they are in the public domain and anyone can copy or re-air them without permission. Nothing illegal here.
    Hopefully we’ll soon see some real polls that include cell phone users, and then we’ll know if Sestak is ahead, and by how much. I suspect he is comfortably ahead, and will move further ahead when his ads run. McGinty truly is a lightweight whose dismal performance in the Gubernatorial
    race and her history as a shill for frackers will not work to advantage.
    I truly believe those posters who continue to believe that Toomey would rather face Sestak than McGinty are
    delusional. Sestak has three electoral wins under his belt where he was a significant underdog but won by impressive margins. He has one loss where he far out-polled the Democratic field in a Republican tsunami year and almost won. Endorsements mean squat. Neither does the scorn of the Democratic Leadership. If anything the latter is one more point in Sestak’s favor when it comes to voters.
    This is Sestak’s race to lose.

  16. MontcoPA:
    Are you still pushing Margaret Thatcher? Jthome’s comment is spot-on. McGinty can’t even get the backing of statewide Dems in every race she ran because she is a shallow, light weight with baggage that undermines every move she tries to make.

  17. All the Repubs are lining up to badmouth Katie so they can get that juicy Sestak matchup for Toomey. Sorry boys, won’t happen.

  18. MontcoPADem- clearly is beside himself. Hate to bring you back to real world- McGinty is lightweight not qualified for any elective office. She’s just another sleazy politico. Sestak is no saint but he has guts and brains. When he was up against Arlen and Toomey- Katie was dealing for her own gain.
    That is why she has been and will continue to be a loser.

  19. The photo at the 15 second mark is from Joe’s twitter feed (Feb 4th posting)

  20. I thought the PAC’s weren’t supposed to coordinate with the campaigns.

    Some of the footage and photos look like they are from Sestak’s past campaign ads or website. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of those images before.

    If so, that means they were supplied by Sestak’s campaign, which would be coordination.

    Somebody on Fetterman or McGinty campaigns should check that out.

    Wasn’t the Campaign Group the company that did ads for Sestak in 2010? Hmm…

    Is Sestak still using them? Hmm…

  21. Compared to the sing-song, meandering gobbledegook that comes from Sestak whenever he tries to speak without a script, McGinty sounds like Margaret Thatcher. And in 10 years of posting under this ID, you are literally the first person to comment on my ID. I can guarantee that whatever you’re trying to hint at, it’s wrong.

  22. McGinty is clearly a weak candidate–a wannabe. Wasn’t she something like the 5th choice of the establishment—the other 4 did not want to challenge Sestak? So, MG is the default candidate of the puppeteers, and she is their puppet. Trouble is, she can’t give a speech or speak honestly about anything. Toomey would not even have to run a campaign against her. ‘Montco PA Dem’—I think people who read PoliticsPA have a good guess as to who you are!!

  23. I’ll meet you back here on Nov. 9, EW, after Sen. McGinty and Pres. (H.) Clinton have ridden the Democratic wave to huge wins. We’ll discuss how much you did or didn’t know about this race.

  24. when mc G cannot even energize the PA dem base past 13%, what makes you think she could win against Toomey? having heard her speak several times, iMHO she’d need to learn how to debate the issues instead of carping about better jobs. Her populist appeal disappears when folks hear about her 800K salaries and board seats from the oil and gas industries . she’s relying on her string of old Rendellian crony appointments and back door money men. of course, there’s always a slim chance that the ‘I’ll vote for any woman over any man ‘ movement could bring out some votes. that theory of voting is as revolting as saying white men should all back Trump.

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