PA-Sen: Q1: Toomey Raises $2.1M, Has $7.3M COH

Official PortraitWhile Democrats try to figure out their nominee, Sen. Pat Toomey keeps raising cash.

Laura Olsen of the Morning Call is reporting that Toomey raised $2.1 million during the year’s first fundraising quarter (January 1st to March 31st).

Even more important, the incumbent now has $7.3 million cash on hand about nineteen months out from Election Day.

Meanwhile, the Democratic party is still debating over their field of candidates. 2010 nominee Joe Sestak is still the only one who has officially declared but Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski has signaled that he’s close to throwing his hat in the ring.

Our latest reader poll asked respondents who they thought would win such a matchup. Pawlowski prevailed with 66%.

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8 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Q1: Toomey Raises $2.1M, Has $7.3M COH”

  1. FreidasBoss says:

    @ Whistleblower My understanding is that most in State Committee *don’t* want Sestak, he just threw his hat in the ring.

    Shapiro isn’t afraid to run. He wants to be Governor of PA and any move he makes is a step in that direction.

  2. Lee says:

    Toomey is the darling of the special interests. He supports their agendas one hundred percent. What makes him so good is he consistently talks a good story to the middle class but always votes against their economic interests. Example: He talks all the time about supporting veterans but votes always against any bill that helps veterans. Check out his votes on veterans legislation. He never supports it. He always finds a reason to vote no. Simply put he is a liar.

  3. bobguzzardi says:


  4. Whistleblower says:

    Am I missing something here? Why are some members of State Committee advocating for someone who is not a Pennsylvanian; Sestak. Clearly it’s an issue. Can someone on this site explain to me what exactly is the fascination? Is there something he has done for PA that I’m not aware of. Also why is Josh Shapiro afraid to run?

  5. David Diano says:

    Money talks. Sestak walks.

  6. Mr. Independent says:

    Of course Toomey has raised a ton of cash. He’s already kissed the arses of every millionaire and billionaire. No doubt two of them were the Koch Brothers. Don’t you just love our corporate overlords?

  7. BARD says:

    you must be new here

  8. Sue says:

    He will have unlimited money but
    Money can’t buy you love!!

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