PA-Sen: Q1: Toomey Raises $2.5 Million

Official PortraitWhile his Democratic opponents are fighting, GOP Senator Pat Toomey is raking in the dough.

According to the campaign, they raised just under $2.5 million from January 1st to April 6th.

This gives them over $9.2 million cash on hand just less than seven months out from the November 8th general election.

“With nearly 18,000 individual contributions already this year, Senator Toomey is demonstrating substantial support for his leadership on issues such as opioid abuse and fighting for jobs in Pennsylvania,” said Toomey for Senate spokesman Ted Kwong. “Senator Toomey is grateful for the support and will continue to work every day to put Pennsylvania first.”

On Tuesday, Katie McGinty’s campaign reported a $1.8 million haul from 15,000 individuals. They said that 82% of their contributors gave less than $200.

Toomey’s campaign says they’ve received donations from 18,000 individuals and that 91% of the contributions were under $200.

Former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty is battling former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman for the Democratic nomination in the April 26th primary.

9 Responses

  1. This obsession with fundraising is killing politics – who cares who gave what to whom? If you like what the candidate likes, vote for that candidate; if you don’t, don’t vote for that candidate. Don’t pretend that fundraising “moved” you in some way.

    I’m sick of people implying they don’t like the candidate because he or she raised his or her money from the “wrong” people – in truth, you wouldn’t have liked them regardless.

    The truth is politicians shake businesses down for money at least as often as businesses “buy” politicians – anybody who implies otherwise is deluded or dishonest.

    It’s to judge politicians on what they do, and not where they got their money – it’s all nonsense.

  2. Looks like “FedUp” forgot the fact that every contribution is available online. If you “don’t buy” that the majority of donations were under $200, check the filings…… chances are you’re probably wrong in your thinking. Wow, how original that you hate all politicians. Looks like you don’t understand about 99% of how government works and just love to complain. Have fun with your conspiracy theories in your mom’s basement.

  3. Actually, Stosh I do not have political bias. I despise the GOP and Democratic parties whose members are corporate owned scumbags that crawl to millionaires and billionaires kissing their asses for cash.These are the people they truly serve, not us.I am not falling for bullshit from politicians anymore. I have no doubt that people who really believe a politician’s nice promises and falls for their lies donate their money too. I just don’t trust anything that comes out of the mouth of any politician or their campaign. That includes Wolf, Obama, Rendell or any other politician from both parties. I hope that cleared things up Stosh. I am no Republican and I am no Democrat. My political ideology and party is my own business. Thanks for asking.

  4. Hey, FedUp!, does that apply to Wolf, Rendell, and Obama when they raise millions of dollars, or only to Toomey? How about McGinty – she raised $1.8 million from 15,000 people (average of $120 per person) and Toomey raised $2.5 million from 18,000 people ($138.89 per person on average). Seems like you have more political bias than any leg to stand on.

  5. I don’t buy that a majority of donations came from “91% of the contributions were under $200” either. Politicians always crawl to their sugar daddies for cash and serve them in Congress in return.

  6. Toomey kissed the asses of millionaires and billionaires for a majority of that cash. Those donors are who he really serves. Not the people. Another scumbag politician that will no doubt be reelected anyway.

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