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PA-Sen: Q2: Sestak Raises $728K, Has $2.1M COH

Joe-Sestak-headshot2016 Democratic Senatorial candidate and former Congressman Joe Sestak did better with his fundraising this quarter, but there is still a massive gap between him and Sen. Toomey.

Greg Giroux of Bloomberg is reporting the top-lines of Sestak’s second quarter financial report. The full report has yet to be posted on the FEC website. He also noted that Sen. Casey’s PAC gave $2,000 to Sestak.

Sestak’s campaign raised $727,729 from April 1st to June 30th. This more than doubles their Q1 total, which contributed to the concerns party leaders have about his candidacy.

At the moment, the retired Admiral has $2,165,861 cash on hand. The campaign’s COH total three months ago was $1.7M.

These numbers still pale in comparison to Senator Pat Toomey’s second quarter totals. Sen. Toomey raised $2.2 million and has $8.3 million COH. Incumbents generally have the fundraising advantage, but Sestak is an unique challenger since he’s been running since narrowly losing in 2010.

We will have a more comprehensive review of Sestak’s full Q2 report as soon as it becomes publicly available.

8 Responses

  1. Does the amount of money raised mean a candidate is more moral, has a better sense of fairness, understands the issues, has more empathy. It just means that powerful, rich people are subsidizing them,. So are you going to vote for Trump, or Bush or Christie because they have tons of ill gotten millions?

  2. Sestak’s campaign finance report is online.

    On April 8th, he paid the Pennsylvania Democratic Party $50,000 for access to the voter data file (ie the VAN/VoteBuilder software).

    The raw file for the entire state costs $20 (no software).

    I price my VoterWeb system for $1000, $1500 or $2000 per month for statewide (depending upon the type race and cycle).

    I’m not sure if that $50,000 covers Sestak for just 2015, for one-calendar-year, or through Nov 2016. PA’s Primary is Tuesday, April 26.

  3. The challenger hasn’t raised as much as the incumbent U.S. Senator. Why is this newsworthy?

  4. McGinty just resigned and announced her run. She’ll probably out raise Sestak by end of the month

  5. Sestak must be confused. He has to raise enough money for US SENATE not STATE SENATE.

  6. I haven’t seen the full report and detailed numbers. Going only by the PoliticsPA reporting, it sounds like Sestak is spending $3 for every $7 raised to net $4 cash on hand.

    I have no idea what’s in his expense reports, but it’s not a good bang for the buck ratio.

    He doesn’t even have an office HQ yet, let alone a statewide organization of offices. He’s not doing mass mailings or paid TV ads (though he did one low budget YouTube video response to Toomey).

    I wonder if the report shows income from his book sales (since he paid a staffer to write the book, presumably with campaign funds). Or, has he bought a lot of copies of his own book to give away?

    Even if Sestak could net twice as much per quarter, there are only 5 quarters left (potentially $4 million plus current coh), but that’s a stretch for him to suddenly double his best quarter. If he can maintain his new record, that’s going to bring in only another $2 million.

    With full throttle support from Wolf, the state party, D.C. and organizations like Emily’s list, McGinty will totally crush Sestak’s fundraising.

  7. Wow!!

    Toomey raised more in one quarter than Sestak has in total cash on hand!!

    Should be very concerning for Democrats!!

  8. NOBODY can out raise the Club forGrowth (of the oligarchy) candidate.

    Luckily, one dollar one vote is not YET law!

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