PA-Sen: Q3: A Deep Dive into Toomey’s Fundraising Report

Official PortraitSenator Pat Toomey has three different potential Democratic challengers but that hasn’t stopped him from preparing for next year.

In fact, with a clear primary field ahead the incumbent has the chance to get a major head start over his eventual opponent.

Last week, Sen. Toomey released a few statistics from his latest filing but now we can take a full look.

Top-Line Numbers

According to his FEC report, Senator Pat Toomey raised $1,954,698.39 from July 1st to September 30th.

The campaign spent $1,673,055.09 leaving them with a more than sufficient $8,598,021.16 cash on hand.

So far Toomey has no debts, obligations or loans to deal with.


The Senator received significant help from outside entities, hauling in $371,950 from political action committees (PACs).

Among the more notable PAC donations were: IUPAT ($10,000), American Pistachio Growers ($10,000), Rothman Institute ($5,400), American Chemistry Council ($5,000), TRSAPAC ($5,000), Pfizer ($3,000), Google ($2,500), Exxon Mobil ($2,500), McDonalds ($2,000), Chevron ($1,000), American Bankers Association ($1,000), JPMorgan Chase ($1,000), Walmart ($1,000), Wawa ($1,000) and Facebook ($500).

The incumbent was also the recipient of thousands from the PACs of congressional colleagues like Paul Ryan, Tom Price, Pat Meehan, Joe Heck, Cory Gardner and John McCain.

Furthermore, Toomey got $93,104.41 in transfers from the Republican Party, other colleagues and even more PACs.


As always a lot of campaign cash goes to paying staff and maintaining offices.

Sen. Toomey, though, had plenty of noteworthy expenditures. $274,240 went to Target Enterprises for a media buy for example.

The Senator contracted out direct mail duty to a myriad of groups but HSP Direct ($133,829) got the most business.

Meanwhile, $50,420 was spent on fundraising consulting from the Gula Graham Group and Cold Spark Media’s total tab ran up to $37,719. Amadeus Consulting Group received $15,100 for data management work and America Rising provided $15,000 worth of strategic consulting.

5 Responses

  1. ? He raised $1.9m and spent $1.6m? That’s a pretty atrocious burn rate this far out. How much of that is on voter contact?

  2. “Pistachios are grown in southern California and portions of the southwestern United States where the climate favors tree growth and nut production. Pistachio trees grow best and produce the most nuts in an arid semi-desert climate with long, dry, hot summers, low humidity and cool but not frigid winters>”

    Ah – local boys>

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