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PA-Sen: Q3 A Look at John Fetterman’s First FEC Report

FettermanBraddock Mayor John Fetterman’s first FEC Report shows he has supporters but not a great deal of high-powered ones.

Top-Line Numbers

Fetterman’s report shows that from July 1 to Sept. 30, his campaign brought in $168,840.35.

He spent $24,916.50 leaving the campaign with $143,923.85 cash on hand. There were no debts or obligations owed to or by the committee. There were also no loans in place.


Thus far, Fetterman has not received any contributions from political action committees. Of his Q3 total, $102,687.71 came in itemized contributions while $63,269.34 were unitemized.

A healthy $32,842.90 actually came from the candidate and other individuals with the last name Fetterman, which shows that the family is definitely all on board.

Additionally, Barbara Hafer, who endorsed Fetterman last month chipped in $1,000.


Most campaigns spend a good portion of their cash on paying staff and buying office supplies.

In Fetterman’s case, though, he entered the race so recently that his staff is still coming together and he doesn’t appear to yet have an office.

It seems that much of the candidate’s spending came from producing ads and videos as well as their taco-filled announcement party.

11 Responses

  1. Billy-
    You wrote: “I’m on Fetterman’s mailing list, twitter, and FB, as well as Sestak’s and McGinty’s and I haven’t seen them make any mention of it.”

    Actually, the one “mentioning” it is Sestak with his insane/deranged mailings. It’s hard to read them and not come up with “narcissistic sociopath” as his (unintended) message. 🙂

  2. Jtown, I think people are independently drawing the same conclusion. I’m on Fetterman’s mailing list, twitter, and FB, as well as Sestak’s and McGinty’s and I haven’t seen them make any mention of it.

    It’s the only thing that can explain the strange behavior that goes back to his unceremonious departure from the Navy, his high staff turnover, and most recently walking around the state and literally declaring it one of his big accomplishments that is supposed to benefit the people of PA. That’s not the thinking of a man with any degree of self awareness, in my opinion.

  3. Billy are you/team Fetterman the originator(s) of calling Sestak a narcissistic sociopath? Because I must have heard that phrase from 20 different people now. It’s beginning to sound true.

  4. Observer #2, some of us actually think it’s important that our Senator and his family actually live in the state he or she is representing. Owning a house doesn’t qualify for that in my book. His wife works in VA and his child went to school in VA as of 2014 and probably still does.

    As a father I truly understand why his family would want to stay based in VA given what they’ve been through. But also as a father, I must question why Sestak would want to put his family through dragging them between two states solely for the purpose of winning an election.

    I would have to assume he has earned a 6 figure pension from his time in the Navy so it’s not like he’s doing this to support his family. Splitting ones family up like that just so he can play senator, in my opinion, is straight up narcissistic if not sociopathic behavior. Why not go home, be with and enjoy his family instead of walking across and up and down the state?

    For him to this, Joe’s mind and motives ain’t right, in my humble opinion.

  5. “I shout things into an echochamber, I mean politicspa’s comments section.” – David Diano

  6. What are unitemized contributions? Are they small contributions? I thought he broke a record with that

  7. Montco PA Dem

    Sestak’s dog is in Virginia, with the rest of the family.

    I have no doubt that Sestak turned in his report. However, I know from long experience, that he postmarks his reports a day or two before the deadline, so they arrive after the deadline. He then counts on it taking 10 days to two weeks for the FEC to scan and post his report (it’s paper, not electronic). At which point, no one is still reporting on fundraising totals.

    Sestak’s report must be embarrassing, under the following analogy:

    Let’s say you are playing poker, the hand is over, and the other two players have already turned over their cards. The outcome is already determined and your cards will soon become publicly known (you’ve already submitted a copy that you can’t change).

    Why would you hold back showing your cards if you had a good hand?

    If Sestak raised $2 million to McGinty’s $1 million, I think he would call a press conference.

  8. Where is Joe Sestak’s 3rd Quarter fundraising report? Did it get lost in the mail? Did the dog eat it?

    Even Politico is wondering what the hold-up might be:

    “With a couple of exceptions – we’re looking at you, Joe Sestak – we know how much every Senate and House candidate raised in the third quarter…”

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