PA-Sen: Q4: Sestak Sits on $2.6M

Joe-Sestak-headshotJoe Sestak’s campaign seems to be in a bit of a slump ever since Katie McGinty has entered the race, as he’s now lost the last two fundraising quarters.

Nevertheless, the former Congressman stills hold the cash on hand lead over McGinty, and it appears that Braddock Mayor John Fetterman had a weaker 4th Quarter after starting off strong.

All of the Democrats fall well short of the incumbent’s totals, though, as Senator Pat Toomey currently has $9.58 million cash on hand.

Top-Line Numbers

Joe Sestak pulled in $374,088.69 and spent $184,413.63. At the moment, he has $2,584,622.99 cash on hand.


Sestak received a majority of his money, $365,960, from individual donors and most of those donations were less than $1,000.

The candidate who likes to state that he isn’t a part of the establishment can point to his PAC totals as proof. The former Congressman received just $7,897 in PAC money with $5,000 coming from his own Deep Blue PAC.

Former Allegheny City Council candidate Caroline Mitchell gave $2,000 while former Mercer County Commissioner Ken Ammann threw in $250. Finally, the PAC of the law firm Stroock, Stroock & Lavan contributed $500.   


Like nearly all candidates most of the ex-Admiral’s money went to staff, consultants and supplies for the office.

The biggest sum of cash, $19,532.83, went to GSI Inc., which consults progressive candidates and organizations when it comes to fundraising strategy.

The campaign paid Blue State Digital $3,125 for advice on online techniques and $2,250 to NGP Van to rent their software. Another $3,237 went towards online tools from Wired for Change as well as $1,400 for the use of the database of Leadership Directories.

Finally, $8,931.32 went to the Kennedy Printing Company.

10 Responses

  1. David Diano: When have you ever seen Joe Sestak dressed like a homeless person? I have met Admiral Sestak many times in the last 6 years. He has always been dressed either in a business suit or was wearing his Navy jacket. I certainly do not consider either to be homeless dress.

  2. Bobby –

    Yes, easy to react and get dragged into the muck here, as is the case in any political comments section! Can’t say I’ve been immune either. I do wholeheartedly agree that it’s disturbing how quickly people default to crude attacks with misogynist undertones with McGinty, instead of criticizing the candidate on their merits and their record.

  3. PA Expat, you are correct, my attack was rather juvenile. But it was in response to a baseless and unwarranted attack on someone who deserves much better. One might call it fighting fire with fire. Granted, that is a bit of a cop-out, but this is the PoliticsPA comments section….

  4. DD –

    A pithy summation of the state of Sestak’s 2016 campaign.

    Bobby –

    You correctly call out those commenters for ugly, sexism-laden attacks, then you debase yourself by doing the same with your cheap emasculating jab at the end of your comment.

  5. Dem dude and Revolving Door, you sound like a couple of pathetic, jealous, sexists. Comparing McGinty to Palin or calling her a “bored housewife” is horrifying. This is a supremely accomplished person who get HIRED for these jobs but leaders who most Dems look pretty favorably on (Gore, Clinton, Rendell, Wolf) and who hired her for her SUBSTANCE. In this case, I don’t even care about the politicized claims about her career path and where her allegiances lie. Every move she has made has reflected someone who is smart and incredibly capable. This, in contrast with Sestak who has truly lost his mind in the last 6 years, talking nonsense and frequently no-showing at events, and Fetterman who has never done anything without his parents paying for it.

    Just because you are looking down and seeing something pretty small there between your legs, or looking at the recent fundraising of your choice candidates and seeing something pretty small there to, doesn’t excuse the cowardly BS of both of your posts.

  6. PA Expat

    Sestak owns two houses (in two states) and wanders PA dressed like a homeless person.

  7. Dem Dude:
    McGinty has more than a style problem–she has no substance. I agree with you, though, about her very strange speaking delivery–flailing arms as if suspended from above like a puppet and a posture that bends over toward the audience, while seemingly admonishing the audience, then laughing after every turn at the podium. But, I digress. Substance and affiliations with the professional political class and the $$$ that her revolving door associations produce is really what I will choose to dwell upon. She can change her strange speaking demeanor, but she can never undo what she actually stands for and has done in the past. Ethics, etc. shall all be fair game.

  8. Don’t let McGinty speak in her ads like she tragically did in her guv campaigns ads. She is the Sarah Palin of the Left. Nasally, annoying and therefore perceived as way out of her depth, like a bored housewife who thought it would be novel to run for Congress. Take the approach that Brabender did with Fisher against Rendell. The ads were perfect for a candidate with an annoying wimpy voice/presence. Fisher of course lost but it wasn’t because of his ads, it was due to geography and some other factors, like Fisher voting for the biggest tax hike ever while trying to pain Rendell as a tax hiker

  9. What is Sestak thinking? Is he just planning to blitz the state before the primary? How would he compete with Toomey’s massive cash pile with a fundraising trickle like this?

    I was an early supporter of Admiral Joe in 2010, and still believe he was best candidate that year. (Sorry DD, though I enjoy your tirades and respect the points you raise.) But this time around, Sestak’s campaign just seems adrift, and his earlier campaign stunt seems like a microcosm of his campaign – aimlessly wandering about the state without coherent purpose or strategy.

  10. McGinty raised about 3 times as much. She’s already has ads/videos produced. That’s an asset like money in the bank, though it doesn’t show up as “Cash on hand” in the reports.

    Given McGinty’s faster rate of raising money, she can go on the air sooner than Sestak, define herself, and grab mindshare like Wolf did in two years ago.

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