PA-Sen: Quinnipiac Poll: Toomey 46% McGinty 45%

pat-toomeySenator Pat Toomey is back out in front.

According to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, Sen. Toomey holds a one point advantage in his re-election quest against Democratic nominee Katie McGinty.

They found Toomey with 46% while McGinty came in at 45%.

Last month, Quinnipiac had McGinty ahead by three points.

There are several demographic gaps present in this race. For example, men favor Toomey 53% to 36% while women prefer McGinty 53% to 40%.

Meanwhile, Toomey has the lead with whites (52/42) and McGinty is the choice of most non-whites (61/26). Going deeper, white woman are evenly split between the two candidates (48/48) yet white men vastly prefer Toomey (56/34).

Despite the large educational gap in the presidential race, though, there isn’t much of one in this contest. Toomey leads with both those white voters that do (50/46) and do not (53/39) have a college degree.

Finally, McGinty holds a small advantage with independents, 46% to 42%. Of course, Democrats back her 82% to 13% while Republicans support Sen. Toomey 83% to 11%.

The Quinnipiac University Poll surveyed 778 likely Pennsylvania voters from August 29th to September 7th using live interviews from landlines and cell phones. The margin of error is +/- 3.5%.

16 Responses

  1. Katie will let anyone in this country, no background checks, and not require them to follow the legal process in place to become a citizen.

  2. I am undecided. But Trump not disclosing his taxes or medical records is a major red flag. Also suspicious about his relationship w/ Russia.

  3. I see the new liberal lion and hahaha are uncaged. Hopefully, they will use spare time for therapy and not posts here. Still on Toomey we agree- he needs to go supported McConnell, tax increases and has few core values- except to line own pockets when he loses

  4. Bad news for Toomey…having Trump as a running mate is bad news. McGinty sucks as a candidate, but Toomey is the invisible man and has strange and disliked policy positions, has shown no leadership in the Senate. McGinty will probably squeak by, hopefully, because Toomey gotta go.

  5. Toomey uses his Special a Interests money to reinvent his voting record. Fact check Toomey on what he has voted against . Toomey has voted against seniors, college students,middle class and veterans. Basically never saw a bill that favored average Pennsylvanians that he voted for. Don’t be misled about immigration and sanctuary cities. Vote your family’s economic well being. The Koch Brothers and Wall Street desperately want to keep Toomey in the Senate. He is bought and paid for by corporate dollars. Fact Check for College Students. Toomey has voted multiple times to reduce Pell Grants. Toomey has voted multiple times to not allow college students to refinance their college loans. Most college loans are 8.5% . There are loans available for everything at 3%. WHY !!!! Toomey’s benefactors the Wall Street Banks hold most of those high interest loans on college debt. Toomey is a Wall Street Gnome. Time for him to go.

  6. So you’re one of those whose hate for undocumented immigrants is what this election is all about. It shows how misinformed you and that division is what you want our country to be known for.
    Great, you gave me an example of a crime committed by an undocumented immigrant. Let me fill you in on facts since your hatred blinds you.
    One, Americans born in America commit the same crime every day. Americans actually commit crime at a significantly higher rate than undocumented immigrants do. So you have no point except that you are uneducated Trump supporter who wants to blame undocumented immigrants for anything and everything since the white man is not as powerful as it used to be (which is a good thing actually).
    Your xenophobia has a lot to do with it. You no longer know what American values are and what America has always stood for. We are a nation of immigrants. Take a history class sometime.

  7. Toomey looks and acts like Gazoo from the old Flintstones. A bulbous headed troublemaker who came from another planet to destroy the earth. Go home Toomey, you
    and your lies are not wanted in this town.

  8. Hahahaha. Maybe that hipster on a bike commercial actually worked for Garden Gnome Toomey. Wait.. never mind Toomey’s millions from oil companies

  9. So much for replacing Mikus. Hope DSCC is happy.

    Coulda just let Joe run. 2 points in 2010 isn’t anything in the 2016 cycle. ME makes this poll, “meh”, though.

  10. Oh hi bigot. Immigrants actually are a minority. But unfortunately, insecure assholes like you are not as scarce. Let me update you on something. If you walk around scared of people who are different than you, you are 1. an ashhole 2. you are insecure 3. you are a bigot 4. Approaching life wrong

  11. Sanctuary City McGinty. Toomey needs to call her out on illegal immigration. She won’t have to live in community flooded with illegals. But she will force it on the rest of us.

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