PA-Sen: Quinnipiac Poll: Toomey 47% Sestak 39%, Toomey 47% McGinty 38%

Pat-ToomeyPat Toomey is doing well so far in his re-election effort.

At least that’s the conclusion one draws from the most recent Quinnipiac Poll.

The survey tested Senator Toomey against Democratic candidates Joe Sestak and Katie McGinty.

In a rematch with Sestak, Toomey is ahead 47% to 39%. Demographically, Toomey leads the former Congressman among all subsets except Democrats, 18-34 year-olds and blacks.

In a potential Toomey-McGinty, the result isn’t much different with Toomey getting 47% against McGinty’s 38%. McGinty does win women (43/42) over Toomey, flipping the numbers that Sestak got against Toomey among females.

Toomey’s strength likely comes from his healthy approval rating, which stands at 50%. His disapproval is at 29% while 21% are unsure.

One silver lining for the Democrats, though, are that these numbers are a slight improvement from Quinnipiac’s last survey in October.


Sen. Toomey also recorded the highest favorability rating with 45%. About a quarter, 24%, have an unfavorable opinion and 29% haven’t heard enough.

As for the Democrats, 51% and 64% haven’t heard enough about Sestak and McGinty respectively. Among those that do have an opinion, the split for Sestak is 30-18 and 23-12 for McGinty.

This survey was conducted by Quinnipiac University using live interviewers calling land lines and cell phones from March 30th to April 4th. They contacted 1,737 registered voters. The margin of error is +/- 2.4%.

8 Responses

  1. Not interested in establishment politicians like Toomey. I’m looking at the independent Stern find him far more interesting than big government politicians

  2. Maybe if Fetterman was for single payer, his allegiance to the Sander’s revolution would ring a bit truer. Medicare for All is a major plank in Bernie’s platform. For Fetterman to not embrace it–is a big mistake reflecting on his authenticity.

  3. PA Voter –

    I don’t see the appeal to the Berner crowd of a Washington insider class, Clinton loving, career Navy officer. Just because he snubbed the state party and took out Specter in 2010 doesn’t make him a maverick outsider or some progressive champion.

    Fetterman should be the guy for the Sanders crowd, but Bernie doesn’t seem to be very interested in promoting downballot candidates that share his views. It doesn’t bode well for Sanders’ vaunted “revolution” when he doesn’t try and create the conditions for his legislation to pass in Congress should the stars align and he somehow beats Clinton.

  4. PAVoter-

    If they want their Bern, the should be backing Fetterman (who was at Bernie’s Pittsburgh and Philly rallies). Sestak ran all around the country in 2007 and 2008 supporting Hillary.

  5. the problem for McGinity is that she’s got a lot of establishment dem credibility. The base isn’t moving that way these days. They want their Bern….that’s what Sestak is attractive.

  6. The difference between Sestak and McGinty vs Toomey is essentially round-off error and within the margin of error (but, Joe is sure to tout 39 vs 38 with McGinty and ignore that he’s nowhere near beating Toomey).

    McGinty has room to improve with the “haven’t heard enough” and the upcoming onslaught of advertising

    They should have a “heard too much” for Sestak. 🙂

    Fetterman should have been included in the poll.

  7. “all subsets except Democrats, 18-34 year olds, and blacks”. Those are some pretty big excepts. Other than old white Republicans, what is left to do well with?

  8. Why report a worthless poll of Registered Voters?
    How much harder is it to find Likely Voters?
    Could it be that Republican voters are much more likely to turn out this year?

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