PA-Sen: Quinnipiac Poll: Toomey 49% McGinty 45%

pat-toomeyPat Toomey is hanging on.

That’s according to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, which has the incumbent GOP Senator up four points over Democratic nominee, 49% to 45%.

Two weeks ago, Toomey’s advantage was eight points. The presidential contest, however, had Clinton ahead by six.

Republicans are standing by Toomey (90/5) while Democrats are mostly united behind McGinty (82/12). The Senator’s margin with independents (57/35) made the difference.

McGinty still has the edge, though, with women (48/45) and non-whites (69/21). Meanwhile, men (54/42) and whites (55/40) support Sen. Toomey.

The Quinnipiac University Poll surveyed 660 likely Pennsylvania voters from October 10th to 16th using live interviews from landlines and cell phones. The margin of error is +/- 3.8%.

19 Responses

  1. If Toomey can’t support Trump then I will not support Toomey. I am a strong Republican but I will vote for McGinty.


  2. Federal Fred says,Its time for Toomey to hit the road. Hes against all the common sense values of Pa.citizens. Hit the road like Santorum!


    Inquirer Editorial: Katie McGinty for the U.S. Senate

    If corporations were people, Pennsylvania’s Republican freshman Sen. Pat Toomey would be the right senator for them. His approach to governance is to slash regulations and taxes to help companies, which he believes would provide good paying jobs. But that hasn’t worked for average people struggling with flat wages, job insecurity and wondering why so little of the good economic news isn’t about them.

    Toomey, 54, would eliminate Obamacare and let the marketplace decide to provide benefits like covering children up to age 26. He’d kill an agency that keeps lenders from preying on consumers and return to the days of low-regulation and low-oversight of Wall Street, which led to the financial meltdown.
    He opposes forcing companies to clean up greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming, a factor in the spate of floods and wildfires ravaging the country. And, he favors Supreme Court decisions that allow unlimited corporate funds to persuade voters in elections.

    A product of the radical right, Toomey voted to shut down the government over raising the debt ceiling rather than find a civil solution. But, in a stellar moment, he crossed the aisle to seek background checks for those who wish to purchase guns. He failed, but says he’d try again if re-elected. Let’s hope it’s with more conviction than his politically expedient equivocation over whether to support his party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, an admitted serial molester.

    In contrast, there is no doubt that Toomey’s challenger, Democrat Katie McGinty, has the interests of Pennsylvania’s people at heart. She speaks as a woman who grew up working class in Philadelphia and struck out on a career in public service, advising President Bill Clinton on the environment, leading Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection and serving, albeit briefly, as Gov. Wolf’s chief of staff.
    McGinty, 53, wants to raise the minimum wage, expand child care credits and fight for equal pay for women. She would invest in research, skilled manufacturing and renewable energy. McGinty wants to expand pre-kindergarten, improve public schools, make college affordable and training available to adults. She would lower health care costs by decreasing co-payments and high deductibles and cut abusive drug pricing.

    These candidates’ sharp disagreements on issues should be enough to distinguish them in a tight race, but they and their supporters are exaggerating each other’s ethical lapses. For example, after leaving the Clinton administration, McGinty worked with a law firm that erroneously listed her as a lobbyist for a few days on a disclosure form. The attack is a distortion. But when McGinty worked as the state’s environmental secretary, she oversaw contracts awarded to an advocacy group which hired her husband as a $3,700 consultant.
    The Ethics Commission rightly chided her. This isn’t good but not as egregious as Toomey’s forces claim. She attacks Toomey for sitting on the Senate Banking Committee while holding bank stock. That doesn’t violate ethics rules.

    Because she has a genuine grasp on the human consequences of government policies and seeks to improve the quality of life for all, The Inquirer endorses KATIE MCGINTY for U.S. Senate.


  4. Whistleblower: This is completely off the charts inside baseball, voters have no idea what you are talking about. Absolutely nobody cares.

  5. Joe’s vacant PA house-

    Most Dems knew how unlikable Sestak was in the primary (and ALL of his staffer knew). 🙂

    Toomey was very sad the day Sestak lost the primary.

    But, besides Sestak’s unlikeablity issues, there is NO WAY that if he won the primary, that he would have participated in the (very smooth) coordinated campaign. Instead, he would have thumped his chest and pissed all over the party, calling them losers (like he has for the past 10 years).

  6. I had a retarded son, so I called him Suck Dick. He was so dumb that when I called his name, he thought I was giving him instructions. That’s when I started laughing so hard I couldn,t stop. Just laughed HaHaHa all day long. So he began to think I was calling his name. I still call him Suck Dick, cause that’s what he does all day.

  7. So Toomey lead is cut in half since last poll? I think Toomey is in trouble…polls moving wrong way…momentum to McGinty…this poll just about within margin of error…bye bye Gloomy Toomey!

  8. David, I think ol’ Joe would actually pull this one out against Toomey. Most voters don’t know just how unlikable Joe really is.

  9. Joe’s vacant PA house-

    Well, she beat Sestak, so empirically, she’s not the worst. LOL 🙂

    Toomey is a dull incumbent with plenty of cash on hand, and he hasn’t been a bomb-thrower like Santorum. So, he’s managed to hide his far-right radicalism, by not antagonizing the middle, that you need to win PA. It’s hard to point to anything he’s done, since he does so little.

    But, beating a careful incumbent requires extra oomph. This year, that’s presidential coattails and high Dem turnout. (and maybe some R’s voting Trump and not down-ticket).

    If Hillary’s margin is big enough, McGinty will get swept in.

  10. You know what would be great? Both McGinty and Shapiro losing. Both empty suits with no qualifications for the jobs they seek. Their ruthless political ambitions crushed, they would have nothing to live for.

  11. gulag Pittsburgh (aka Frank Little) is also a loser, regardless of whether anyone gives him the money he begs for online.

  12. Lolol… Way to pick ’em, Marcel and Fast Eddie! Your corporate stooge loses to THEIR corporate stooge! The girl is dumb AND corrupt – and doesn’t realize either trait.

  13. 4 points up thats great senator, now would you please tell us, who you support for president,mcginty already said she supports Clinton, how about you.

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