PA-Sen: Recipient of Lung Transplant Star of New Toomey Spot (VIDEO)

The Toomey for Senate campaign has released a new advertisement to highlight his progress on organ transplant rules. The minute long commercial, titled “Better Chance”, focuses on the story of Sarah Murnaghan.

“Three years ago, Sarah Murnaghan had one week to live,” the narrator begins. “She needed a new lung, but government rules denied it.”

This is followed by Sarah’s mother, Janet Murnaghan, exclaiming that, “It was devastating. I can still picture the time and moment when we learned that Sarah wasn’t truly competing for lungs the way everybody else was. And it was at that point that it was explained to me that it didn’t matter how sick Sarah got.”

“Sarah’s parents tried everything,” the narrator explains. “Then, Pat Toomey went to work.”

Sarah’s mother praises the Senator by saying that, “Senator Toomey moved heaven and earth for our daughter.”

“Pat Toomey fought for new organ transplant rules and won,” the narrator adds. “Now, all children have a better chance at life.”

The video closes with Sarah Murnaghan herself.

“I want people to know that Senator Toomey is really, really nice,” she says. “He cares about people, so it would be a good idea to vote for him.”

This is followed by Toomey saying, “I’m Pat Toomey, and I approve this message.” Then to top it all off, Sarah exclaims, “And so do I!”

11 Responses

  1. Only a person that has had a dying child would truly understand the magnitude of what was done. God bless you Sarah and all who made this possible.

  2. Her parents should be ashamed for exploiting their kid this way. Hope they got paid enough for they’re selling their souls.

  3. If Toomey doesn’t support Trump he should have the balls to say so. But he doesn’t say a word.

    He’s a no-balls, no-soul politician who’s made himself invisible for six years and owes everything to his Wall Street buddies. And how he’s using sick little girls to try and make people think he’s a good guy.

    PA is too smart to fall for Toomey again.

  4. Poor progressive fools, you know the race is over when Toomey releases the best ad ever and all you can do is cry “Trump” who Toomey doesn’t even support! Nice cry, losers this race is all over.

  5. Toomey is an opportunist who has used Sarah for political gain. Makes him feel good, no doubt. Why didn’t he stand up for us instead of missing 80% of Budget Committee meetings?

  6. Toomey’s Presidential running mate would think that kid was a real dog. No chance to be a 10 at all. That is how the Republican Presidential candidate thinks about females.

    You need to judge Toomey by the company he keeps. And he refuses to say a bad word about Trump.

    A vote for Toomey is a vote for Donald Trump.

  7. Meanwhile pat works tirelessly to prevent individuals with pre-existing conditions from being able to buy insurance. Toomey is all aboard with helping this young lady until she is an adult and has to pay her expenses out of pocket.

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