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PA-Sen: Rendell Speculates About Possible McGinty Campaign

Ed Rendell, Kathleen McGintyFollowing the abrupt suspension of Mayor Ed Pawlowski’s campaign for U.S. Senate, national Democrats have approached a new face for a run in 2016.

The Inquirer reported that Democratic leaders have talked to Katie McGinty, Governor Tom Wolf’s Chief of Staff, about running.

Former Governor Ed Rendell, however, stated that he doesn’t believe that Katie McGinty will run, positing that she is committed to working through the current budget standoff and remaining loyal to her post as Wolf’s Chief of Staff.

While Rendell does not expect to see McGinty run, he does anticipate to see the Washington, D.C-based Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee support Joe Sestak.

In fact, a recent report of a Sestak-Reid meeting suggests relations between the candidate and national Democrats may finally be improving.

Whoever receives the Democratic nomination will go on to face incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Toomey in 2016.

Although we can only speculate up to this point regarding McGinty, their is currently a poll live on PoliticsPA asking for your opinion on McGinty’s possible run. You can find it here.

20 Responses

  1. Philly Dem-

    Sestak is 6 1/2 younger and looks 5 years older.

    I don’t think for a minute that Brady would run. My point was merely that Brady could beat Sestak in a primary. Philly turnout would be HUGE. Marcel would see to it that Brady was the endorsed candidate in Montco. Brady has tons of money and influence, and would probably get most of the unions. All, based on voting records in Congress, Brady is to the Left of Sestak, so Sestak can’t outflank him on the Left.

  2. Dave, Chairman Brady is 70 years old. He’s more likely to retire than run for the Senate.

  3. Jeff-

    LOL. Like Rendell needs help from Sestak to get an appointment. That’s funny.

  4. Gov. Rendell please make peace with Adm Sestak. He could use your help to win. I bet there would be support for your future appointment to a cabinet position when Hillary wins next year. You are one of the most influential Democrats in America today. If you don’t help Toomey stands a better chance of reelection.

  5. Rendell’s Comcast is financing Pat Toomey. Ed Rendell is sending a very public message to Ms. McGinty.

  6. I agree with Brady, a September entrance by McGinty would be perfect. The party, including DSCC, Wolf, Shapiro, Brady, Schwartz, Brady and Philly City Committee would quickly fundraiser in a single quarter what Sestak has done thus far. Marcel would also put MontCo in McGinty’s court along with Brady’s City Committee. She actually has a comfortable path to a primary victory. And I agree, the fact that she would be a “history making candidate” would bring much need enthusiasm to this race. I believed she scored a lot of points with voters and electeds by running a clean, positive campaign. She was the clear underdog against 3 heavyweights. One on one with Sestak I think she wins by at least 10 points.

  7. FYI-

    I don’t have a problem with McGinty running for Senate. In a year with Hillary at the top of a ticket, a female candidate makes a lot of sense.

    I only brought up Brady as someone else who could whip Sestak.

    The problem remains that Sestak would rather torch the party and hand the election to Toomey if he couldn’t be the nominee. So, you need a candidate who can raise money very quickly and knock out Sestak early with advertising like Wolf did.

    The party is eager to have anyone but Sestak.

  8. Get onboard the McGinty train Diano. She’s your last hope to put Sestak in retirement once and for all. Brady gets that.

  9. Why doesn’t Brady run?

    He’d whip Sestak in the primary, and has plenty of money, and had a better voting record than Sestak during the years they were both together in Congress.

    A simple comparison of their voting differences should be enough to convince Dem primary voters who better represents their interests.

  10. I would much rather see Katie McGinty run for US House against Ryan Costello. She lives in the 6th Congressional district.

  11. For those using Bob Brady’s “endorsement” – please note that’s actually a negative outside of Philadelphia and SE PA. You may not want to advertise that.

  12. Larry-
    “If Katie thinks she can win, Katie will run”

    Who runs because they think they will lose?

    Montco Pa Dem-
    “piece of dryer lint” is more exciting

  13. Ok, we get it @DraftMcGinty. One post per thread is enough.

    Are you the same guy who triple posting everywhere to draft Shapiro until he decided he wasn’t running?

  14. Bob Brady would endorse a piece of dryer lint over Sestak. They’re not really pals. But this is getting interesting.

  15. Committed to the budget, lol. If Katie thinks she can win, Katie will run. She is loyal only to her own ambitions.

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