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PA-Sen: Rothenberg & Gonzales Move Race to “Toss-Up”

Toomey SadDonald Trump’s troubles in Pennsylvania are hurting Sen. Pat Toomey’s re-election odds.

At least that’s the conclusion of Stu Rothenberg and Nathan Gonzales, who are moving the PA-Sen seat from “Toss-Up/Tilt Republican”

“Pennsylvania is another state where the weight of Trump is hurting Republicans down the ballot,” Gonzalez writes. “A recent handful of public polls show Trump losing the Keystone State to Clinton by close to double digits and Democratic challenger Katie McGinty with a narrow edge over GOP Sen. Pat Toomey.”

“It will be another couple of weeks before we know whether it is a permanent shift in the dynamic of the race, but the seat is extremely vulnerable and could be the one that puts Democrats over the top,” he concludes. “Ratings change from Toss-Up/Tilt Republican to Pure Toss-Up.”

Senator Toomey is seeking a second term against Democratic nominee Katie McGinty. The U.S. Senate is currently comprised of 54 Republicans 46 Democrats. The GOP is defending 24 seats while the Dems control just 10 of the seats up for grabs.

22 Responses

  1. Toomey’s campaign has gotten national recognition for being well run and for his being a good candidate not making mistakes but he is running in the Trump era which is not easy. Until the votes are counted don’t rule Toomey out as he is running a widely known outstanding campaign and McGinty has made mistake after mistake (first person in her family to go to college, etc). It is still a long while till November.

  2. Toomey is in a lose-lose situation. If he endorses Trump, he loses the women’s votes particularly in the Philly suburbs.
    If he does not endorse Trump, he loses Trump’s base, white men, gun lovers, coal lovers.

    He cannot sit idly by. He has to make a choice, at after he does that, he loses to a very weak Katie McGinty, who has never won a general election in her life.

  3. I didn’t want to say it, but FYI forced my hand. Vagina politics is her marbles game.

  4. PA citizens – those who are decided – are so starkly divided on POTUS 2016, that Toomey announcing either way (support or not) will hurt him. That is why Toomey won’t say.

    This Senate race will be the same couple of point nail-biter as 2010. I agree with too close to call.

    Dems blew it by not picking Sestak who would have won, although that would have also been close. He had a much more enthusiastic base, or appeared to to me.

  5. Toomey will soon have plenty of time to get better at chess. Katie will be taking her marbles tDC as PA’s first female Senator. You know she is also the first female in her family to graduate from college!! So proud of her!!

  6. Toomey will be a check on President HRC. He’s playing chess. All McGinty knows is marbles.

  7. Trump is not the issue in senate race-Toomey is in trouble and will lose solely because Toomey is a failure. Issue is incompetence of Republican establishment. And a republican senate. Toomey supports weasel McConnell- and has lost a portion of his base with his inconsistent stands. Katie maybe shady- but at least she stands for something- Toomey loses big- but its rejection of Toomey.

  8. Shady and Katie don’t rhyme, her name isn’t Kady. However Pat and shat do. So, has #ShattyPatty conceded yet?

  9. “The political prognosticators believe Trump is hurting Toomey’s re-election chances.”

    No kidding. LOL

  10. If Pat Toomey loses Reelection to Katie McGinty and I will be disappointed here.

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