PA-Sen: Sanders to Stump for McGinty

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004Bernie Sanders is coming to the Keystone State next week.

According to Chris Potter of the Post-Gazette, Sanders will be campaigning for Democratic Senate nominee Katie McGinty on September 16th. The event will take place at Carnegie Mellon University at 5 p.m.

“If our country is to move forward, we need Democratic control over the U.S. Senate. We must end Republican obstructionism and elect a Senate which works for all, and not just the people on top,” Sanders stated. “Katie McGinty will be an extremely welcome progressive voice in the United States Senate.”

“Bernie’s passion for issues like raising the minimum wage, making college affordable, and making sure Wall Street banks don’t come before working families will fire Pennsylvanians up to join us in sending Pat Toomey packing,” McGinty responded.

Potter is reporting that Braddock Mayor John Fetterman will also be in attendance. Fetterman, who ran against McGinty in the Democratic primary, was also a supporter of Sen. Sanders during the presidential contest.

Sanders initially endorsed McGinty last month.

13 Responses

  1. Lauren Steiner-

    You can’t make any progress on climate change (or any other issue) without Democratic control of the Senate.

    It’s not like Katie will be a leader in the senate. Warren and Sanders will be leaders, because they helped tip the races. They’ll be setting the agenda on climate change, environment, etc. McGinty will be a freshman senator, and junior senator from our state, so she won’t be setting policy on the big issues, and she won’t be bucking the party on those issues.

    So, please stop wasting time protesting Bernie, Fetterman, Warren and other progressives who aren’t as myopic as you are.

  2. Nah. We are going to stay. And we are going to vote in the next election too!!

  3. Bernie endorsing and now stumping for fracker Katie McGinty is outrageous. I call on all fracktivists and people who care about climate change to protest this event Friday at 5 pm at Carnegie Mellon University. Disappointed in John Fetterman too. Here’s the background on McGinty.

    If you believe that climate change is the most important issue, because if humans cannot survive on the planet, it won’t matter what your stand is on other issues, then a pro-fracking Democrat is not better than a pro-fracking Republican. For Bernie who called for a ban on fracking throughout his campaign and tried to get it into the Democratic Party platform, this is quite disappointing.

  4. Maybe Sanders and McGinty and all the Open Borders people will move out once this election is over.

  5. Sanders to come give the same stump speech that he’s been giving for 40 years despite drastically changed conditions. Except this time he might mention Katie McGinty too.

  6. The Garden Gnome is gonna lose. He had 5.5 years in Washington. And he has done NOTHING. No reason to give him 6 more.

  7. Observer’s “corporate stooge” is PSU Student’s “socialist.” Tells me Katie is probably right where she needs to be.

  8. Waste of time. He’s better off campaigning with actual progressives, like Russ Feingold and Tammy Duckworth, than a corporate stooge like her. His fans know her for what she is.

  9. Ha Katie is a socialist. Now everyone knows. Feel the Bern Katie. Has #ShadyKatie conceded yet?

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