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PA-Sen: SEIU Airs Ad for McGinty (VIDEO)

Katie McGinty is getting some help from a major labor union.

The SEIU has produced a new TV ad for McGinty. It features a healthcare worker name Tracey explaining why she supports Gov. Wolf’s former Chief of Staff.

“Everyday I work hard to provide for my family,” she states. “We need someone in the Senate who will fight for me and all hard working Pennsylvania families. Katie McGinty is that person — having grown up the daughter of a police officer and a hostess, she gets it. Katie McGinty worries about the same things I do, affordable quality child care and fair pay. I trust that she will get the job done in Washington.”

The labor union, which endorsed McGinty last month, says that it spent six-figures to make sure the thirty-second spot is seen in the Pittsburgh TV market.

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Senate Democratic primary.

27 Responses

  1. Mcginty is a HORRIBLE candidate. Two average male candidates and she is gonna get CRUSHED.

  2. Republicans for Sestak? They started that club months ago, Bungy. It’s also known as Toomey’s Last Hope.

  3. I just started a new group. Republicans for SESTAK. Joe easy in april, then crushed in November.

  4. Ted-

    There is no “if” about it.

    Sestak moved away about 4 years years ago when he joined the Navy. He maintained his voter registration at his parents’ house in Delaware county, but lived outside of PA (ships at sea and in Virginia).

    He and his wife bought their current home in 1998, and have lived there since. In 2006, when Sestak first ran for Congress, he and his wife rented an apartment in Delco, and he changed his registration to there. His wife, also registered there and vote in the 2006 primary and general election.

    In late-2006/early-2007, the Sestaks purchased a second home in Edgmont, PA, and his wife DROPPED her PA voter registration, and Joe changed his to that address. Joe’s wife has never re-registered in PA and didn’t vote for Joe the last 4 times his name was on the ballot. My understanding is that she is registered and votes in Virginia (though, I haven’t seen the voting records myself, having access only to PA), and his daughter goes to school there.

    A former campaign staffer described Joe’s PA residence as little more than a storage facility with a sofa and a bed, with the garage and basement piled floor to ceiling with left over campaign signs, stationery, and equipment from 2010.

    If Joe loses the primary or general, he’ll put that house on the market faster than you can say: carpetbagger.

  5. If that’s true, David, I hope he gets called out on it. I have no problem voting for Feterman.

  6. Ted-

    It absolutely is true. Zero question about it.

    1) Maybe they are too politically stupid/afraid to go after him on it.

    2) Maybe they are planning to hit him on it with a wave a negative attacks closer to the election, and are biding their time.

    Either way, if they want to win, they’ve got to expose Sestak for the carpetbagging fraud he is.

  7. David, if that is true about Sestak in VA, why haven’t McGinty’s minions gone after him on it?

  8. Ted-

    Since you like doing research, do a white pages search for Sestak and Alexandria Virginia.

    You will find his REAL address, where he lives with his wife and daughter. I think that will show the real “huge office shopping hypocrite and liar”

  9. Well Montco Dem, you sure are good a spotting shills… you found Katie.

    You can vote for her too, it won’t matter. Everyone with a brain knows she’s a huge office shopping hypocrite and liar. That’s why despite unprecedented unanimous support from the party machine, she’s getting nowhere.

  10. I’ve been around here way longer than you have,”ted”, and I don’t work for any campaign. But I’m pretty good at spotting shills.

  11. Montco PA Dem, you sound ridiculous. I just gave you two links backing up exactly what I said.

    You must work for the campaign, they don’t seem to have an issue with lying and twisting facts either.

  12. So from “millions” we’re now down to $120,000 from a third-hand news source, Ted? Slimeball smear, from the team of Joe Sestak and the Republicans. Perfect.

  13. Tanya, if you like hypocrites, by all means please vote for Katie. I believe our elected officials should actually do what they say we should be doing.

  14. Ted, where is all of Sestak’s dark money coming from? Katie’s donors have names and the outside groups are well known and accountable to their supporters. What happens to Braddock when Mayor Fetterman runs away to higher office and all of the super awesome amazing things he brought to the town dry up without his family bankrolling his non-profit? Katie made money around the energy industry. The vast majority of it seems to be from renewables or alternative energy companies, but yes, some of these companies worked across a variety of energy sources. NRG for instance is a provider that uses all sorts of things, gas and coal among them. God forbid a woman have an impressive career across several fields, but let an abuser of Citizens United who is a notorious narcissist, and a silver spoon fed giant with a messiah complex off without a moment’s consideration.

    The Toomey campaign has made it clear which candidate they fear. Since Republicans keep beating us in down ballot races, maybe we could try and learn a thing or two from them?

  15. Montco Dem, perhaps you will take NPR’s word for it on energy shill and dark money hypocrite Corporate Katie:

    NPR article from 3-3-2014
    “In 2005, as the head of the state Department of Environmental Protection, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie McGinty fast-tracked a permit for a controversial waste coal power plant in western Pennsylvania. In recent months, McGinty has accepted $120,000 in campaign contributions from a coal executive behind the project.”

    What makes it even worse, is that McGinty used that money to repay loans she made to her own campaign, so she has personally profited from these guys.

    Anything else I can help you with regarding Corporate Katie?

  16. Fine, if it’s easily verifiable — verify it. Until you do, it’s a slimeball smear.

  17. Montco Dem,
    McGinty’s campaign financing reports show well into six figures coming from the coal execs that she fast tracked the dirty coal plant for. That’s an easily verifiable FACT.

    From Post Gazette 11-15-15
    In October 2008, Ms. McGinty took a board position with NRG Energy, …power provider with natural-gas, coal, … and other energy facilities across the state. Between 2008 and 2013, when Ms. McGinty left the board, she received $1.1 million in cash and stock awards, SEC filings show.”

    Let me know if I can answer any more questions on Corporate Katie.

  18. it certainly seems that McGinty is targeting the woman vote with these many ads telling women they should get equal pay because ‘it’s your turn.’ the disconnect is that voters have absolutely no idea how mc G (or anyone else for that matter) can accomplish this , since 52 years of federal anti discrimination laws have not. apparently Mc G hopes that women will vote for her ‘ because she’s a woman’–or because ‘it’s her turn. ‘. i think that’s very unlikely…

  19. Please show me those alleged “millions of dollars from the gas and coal industries.” You can’t, because that’s just a flat slimeball lie.

    Joe Sestak and the Republicans, smearing Katie McGinty together. Perfect.

  20. I guess taking millions of dollars from the gas and coal industries she was supposed to regulating shows a pretty good track record in fighting for equal pay.

  21. Braddock Mayor John Fetterman continues to be the only candidate in this race with ANY authenticity. Expect more of the same “professional” politics from Sestak and McGinty.

  22. Sestak and the Republicans, perfect together. Even in the Comments section at

  23. I’m sick of anyone Rendell endorses. If ‘needs to go away’ Ed endorses someone, it is time to vote against that person.

    Enough of the ‘corporadems’. They’ve hurt American, and Pennsylvania, more than they have helped. McGinty won’t get many votes in DELCO, Sestak is going to clean up.

  24. The Establishment continues to show that it needs to overcompensate for the exceptionally weak McGinty candidacy. If she needs this much outside help to break 14% in the polls in a Democratic Primary, how on earth does she have a chance against Pat Toomey?

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