PA-Sen: Senator Toomey’s Little-known Hobby

Official PortraitBuzzfeed, known for disseminating news and pop culture factoids in list form, is a website commonly frequented by Millennials. In fact, 57% of the site’s visitors are between 18 and 34 years old.

What you may not know about the site, however, is that one of Pennsylvania’s own Senators writes for it.

Senator Pat Toomey has published several articles on Buzzfeed. He first posted five months ago, and since that time has written two more pieces.

His article titles from most recent to least recent are: “11 people who prove Pennsylvania wins at this whole entertainment thing,” “10 fascinating Pennsylvanian women,” and “9 reasons Pennsylvania rocks the Capitol.”

A Wall Street Journal article in 2012 dismally reported that a Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey found that only 25% of American adults can name both of their Senators, and 51% can name neither.

Toomey’s utilization of Buzzfeed may help get his name out to his youngest constituents, under the guise of sharing interesting facts about the Commonwealth. The website had over 400 million viewers just last month, and this number continues to increase.

The Senator links his government website to his buzzfeed page, possibly with the hope that those who like his Buzzfeed posts will view his site and learn about the issues he is currently supporting in Washington.

Or maybe he’s just a really big Taylor Swift fan.

3 Responses

  1. 1.) Name-calling is juvenile.
    2.) Don’t call someone else stupid if you haven’t mastered subject-verb agreement.

  2. Pat Toomey has no idea what Buzzfeed is – are you people stupid? His 20 year old staff are writing and posting under his nAme! Toomey isn’t doing it. Matter of fact Toomey isn’t doing much of anything these days. He’s a flat tire.

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