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PA-Sen: Sestak Features Daughter in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

It’s the story Joe Sestak frequently cites as the impetus for his political career.

His daughter Alexandra was diagnosed with brain cancer and that personal experience, as well as what he learned from parents going through similar struggles, inspired him to run for Congress in 2006.

Well now we’re hearing the story from Alexandra herself in Sestak’s new TV ad titled “Supposed”.

“I’m not supposed to be alive,” she says. “My Dad wasn’t supposed to run for office.”

She goes on to explain how her father ran for Congress and voted for the Affordable Care Act.

“When it comes to the things that matter, my Dad just never gives up.”

Sestak is running against former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Senate Democratic primary.

21 Responses

  1. Joe Sestak blasted Curt Weldon in 2006 for bringing up the subject of his daughter’s illness, saying that his family was off limits in the political campaign.
    Somehow Joe Sestak in his shamelessness and relentlessly egotistical self-interest has reconsidered his position and

    decided to trot his daughter out in a campaign tear-jerker ad

  2. I cringe whenever this exploitative ad appears. Just say “no” to Joe…

  3. Here’s to hoping his daughter never googles “why did sestak leave the navy?”

  4. ADV, some would argue that walking across the state is not working. Some would say it is a self-indulgent folly from a mildly disturbed man with more time and money than sense.

  5. Sestak works harder in one day than McGinty does in 6 months. I admire the work ethic of Joe Sestak. This guy deserves to be our next U.S. Senator. Go Joe!!! He’s pulling ahead, she’s sinking. Toomey would sink her easily. Vote Joe!!!!!!

  6. “My dad was an admiral but he left the Navy to help me fight brain cancer.”

    That’s one way to polish a turd.

  7. I noticed he framed the clipping:

    “Sestak’s win a defeat for party machine”

    But, there’s no framed clipping:

    “Sestak’s ego costs him defeat by Toomey”


    “Sestak’s defeat proves party was right backing Specter”

  8. What a demented and twisted ad. Weird family. I thought I was watching the trailer for an 80’s horror movie.

  9. Alexandria Khalil-

    “Joe Sestak worked hard for his constituents.” ???

    Sestak worked his staff hard (70+ hours a week, no vacation, no overtime, less than minimum wage per hour). Joe likes to quote # of constituent cases handled. He leave out the stats of how many where handled badly/unsatisfactorily.

    Sestak spent his entire second term AWOL running around PA for his failed Senate bid.

  10. And McGinty has done what? She had a job for six months.

    Joe Sestak worked hard for his constituents. McGinty worked hard for who?

  11. Joe did vote for ACA (as did all but 34 Dems in the House), but he also voted (twice!) for continuing to fund Bush’s war in Iraq. He also missed more votes in Congress than any other PA Congressman. When he wasn’t following, he was going the wrong way or he was AWOL.

  12. This is a great ad and it upsets people here, and the McGinty Dems, because it is true. Joe fought hard for the Affordable Care Act.

    To give McGinty credit for the expansion of Medicaid is what the comments on this site should be upset about.

    I’m voting for Joe Sestak because of he fought for people like me during the ACA fight.

  13. ADV, I don’t see anything hateful posted here. Facts may be stubborn things, but not hateful.

    The next election Joe loses, his PA house will be up for sale before they’ve counted all the votes and he’ll return to VA to live the rest of his life out with his family in VA. That’s not the guy I want to vote for.

  14. Montco PA Dem-

    His daughter’s middle-school friends all live in Virginia, so they probably wouldn’t see the ad (except on the web).

  15. Great ad. Now I’m really happy to be voting for Admiral Joe Sestak!!!!! Some very hateful people on this commenter’s page, who should be ashamed of themselves. Very low class!

  16. I think Joe was forced to make this ad, since his daughter was stuck being perpetually 5 years old on his web page. Until this appeared, virtually every picture of Joe and his daughter was from the original campaign in 2006. Imagine how that played with his daughter’s middle-school friends.

  17. Ed-

    You are right about that.

    What’s worse is that, every election cycle he tries to exploit her illness for his own personal gain. In 2010, some friends of mine, who had a special needs child, originally supported him until he put up those ads. They were completely disgusted by his behavior as a parent using his child that way.

    It’s all about Joe.

  18. I can’t imagine going through that with my children, which leads me have to wonder how a man who came so close to losing his daughter would want to waste time living in another state away from his daughter who attends school and lives in Virginia, just so he could run for another office. Something ain’t right about Joe.

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