PA-Sen: Sestak Launches Statewide Book Tour

Joe-Sestak-headshotJoe Sestak has walked the length of Pennsylvania once already. Now he plans to tour the state again, promoting a book about his experience.

The two-time Democratic Senate candidate will launch his book tour with an event in Erie on Tuesday, where he will discuss his book, “Walking in Your Shoes to Restore the American Dream.” According to the press release, the book is a compilation of the “hopes and challenges he saw as he walked with people across Pennsylvania.”

Tuesday’s event will begin with a .422 mile walk to the venue to symbolize Sestak’s 422-mile walk across the state. At the event, he will talk specifically about a chapter in his book that focuses on small business growth, which he refers to as the “star running back” of the nation’s economy.

When Sestak kicked off his long walk across the state, he was the only Democratic candidate in the race to challenge Republican Sen. Pat Toomey. Since then, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski has thrown his hat in the ring, giving Sestak, who lacks the support of state and national Democrats, a significant challenge.

According to the press release, Sestak’s campaign is focused on reducing the “trust deficit,” and ensuring that political leaders are being accountable to the American people.

“Joe also knows that American leadership is most effective when it embraces an alignment between the dual tenets of our exceptional national character: rugged individualism and the common mission,” the press release states. “It is the idea that by securing fair individual opportunities for all, we can pursue and safeguard the commonwealth of our country together.”

Sestak’s event will begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday, but he invites all supporters to join him at 9:30 a.m. to take part in the walk to the venue.

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8 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Sestak Launches Statewide Book Tour”

  1. Barricks Einwohner says:

    In Reading.

  2. Barricks Einwohner says:

    Joe was warmly received by a packed ballroom at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel on May 1st.

  3. Whistleblower says:

    @david diano CHEERS MATE!!!!!

  4. David Diano says:

    I was right that Sestak wrote the book beforehand and is LYING in his press release: “According to the press release, the book is a compilation of the “hopes and challenges he saw as he walked with people across Pennsylvania.” ”

    1) The book is on Amazon, with a preview sample for the Kindle edition. The prologue is dated Feb 15th, 2015.

    2) The publish date (in the text) is March 2015. Joe ended his walk on March 28th. (He obviously didn’t write the book in the following 3 days, nor during his walk.

    3) On his campaign finance reports, he paid Infinity Publishing $371.49 on March 26, 2015 for “printing”. Infinity Publishing is the self-publishing company that published the book.

    4) The Amazon publish date for the paperback edition is April 1, 2015. No fooling!

    5) The book’s authorship says: Joe Sestak with Jake Sternberger
    Translation: Jake wrote the book.

    6) Jake was a paid staffer (listed as a “campaign consultant”) from January through March.

    7) Sestak is selling this book for $16.95 for the paperback (and $3.95 for the Kindle edition) on Amazon.

    I’m not sure what all the campaign finance rules are, but paying for the book and the staffer who wrote it out of campaign funds, and then selling the book commercially on Amazon doesn’t sound kosher. Where do the proceeds go?

    TEAM PAWLOWSKI CONTACT THE FEC and ask them what the rules are.

    WARNING! There are some sample pages on Amazon. Do not read them before operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.

  5. Kingston says:

    Please tell me this is a belated April Fool’s joke! “Walking in Your Shoes to Restore the American Dream” hahahaha! Rolls right off the tongue.

    Seriously, this shows how out of touch he is with real people. I voted for him 2010 and I seriously regret it.

  6. jmarshak says:

    If this is the best you Democrats can do, Pat Toomey will be keeping his seat.

  7. David Diano says:

    So, he wrote the book in the past month?

    Sounds like he “wrote” the book beforehand as a compilation of whatever speeches he was giving, and position papers, and then just peppered it with some names and places.

    Joe really is a master of fake authenticity. (He still has people convinced he lives in PA with his wife and daughter.)

  8. Whistleblower says:

    For the love of God; please go away! Far Far Away

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