PA-Sen: Sestak Premieres First TV Ad (VIDEO)

Joe Sestak is hitting the airwaves.

The ex-Admiral and former Congressman has released his first TV ad of the 2016 Senate Democratic primary.

The sixty-second spot, titled “Joe’s Got Your Six”, runs through Sestak’s biography.

“Joe Sestak become a three star Navy admiral, served President Clinton and led the Navy’s anti-terrorism unit,” the narrator states.

He recounts how his daughter’s cancer diagnosis inspired him to run for public office.

“I never thought I’d leave the military,” Sestak states. “But when my 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer, I had to leave to help her fight. In those hospitals, I met too many families that didn’t have health insurance and it drove me to fight for them.”

“I’m running for the Senate to be the people’s champion – to defend Obamacare, protect Social Security and support our veterans,” he concludes. “I’ve got Pennsylvania’s 6.”

Sestak is running against former Chief of Staff to Governor Wolf Katie McGinty and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Senate Democratic primary.

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  1. I met Joe and must admit I was reluctant to talk to him. I watched him from across the room and watched him talking to people one on one. Instead of being the center of attention he almost appeared to enjoy every conversation he would have with people.
    In ever saw someone who really appeared to be sincere.
    I walked over at the perfect moment when I caught his eye. His smile and handshake one me over. Conversation was not about Joe but me my family and my roots to delco. I come to find out we had so much in common. I understand people may be trash talking joe and they are entitled to their opinion.
    But my opinion is Joe is what’s best for this state HANDS DOWN!!!
    Not Katie, she’s a wonderful women and mother but she’s more of a politician.
    Joe story is unlike any I’ve ever heard. Joes a good man and really does mean what he says.
    People want to be lead, Joe can and will lead.
    Myself andante others in delco support Joe. Having many great connections in Philly they admit Joe is LOVED in western and central Pa. Even the republicans know he deserve respect. Joe got my Vote!!!

  2. Saw ads for Sestak on MSNBC and on local news in Philly, did not see any for McGinty. I could have missed McGinty spots, don’t really pay close attention. But I’m wondering about the media buy. Katie should be everywhere Joe is and more if she wants to win.

  3. More accurate slogan:

    Joe Sestak: Everyone is in his six

    (because, Joe’s focused only on his own advancement, and has a long history of screwing down-ticket candidates)

  4. Joe Sestak’s ad is great! Veterans understand and so does the public. I can’t wait till the ad runs in which MG denies accepting fracking money. She really screwed up lying like that on video/TV. If this primary goes the way I hope, Joe may not have to spend much money at all on the primary to win it. I also loved it when Fetterman said “Really” when MG said at the debate she takes no $$$ from frackers.

    Sestak is definitely the strongest candidate against Toomey, by far!

  5. That’s almost a good commercial, but Sestak’s creepiness still found a way to creep out.

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