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PA-Sen: Sestak Taking “Forrest Gump” Criticism on the Chin

Sestak-GumpJoe Sestak is no stranger to criticism.

After being likened to Forrest Gump on MSNBC Friday, Sestak has reached out for donations from people who think it “shouldn’t be ‘weird’ or ‘wild’ for leaders to want to prove they’ll be accountable to the people.”

Sestak, who lost his Senate bid in 2010 to Pat Toomey, said “the lack of accountable leadership in government is why the trust deficit in this country is the worst on record.”

On The Briefing with Luke Russert, the host of the show said Democratic leadership – the ones who “usually stay mute” – like to rip on Sestak.

“They hate him. They think he’s awful,” Russert said. “They think he’s a weirdo.”

The former U.S. Representative is asking for a “weird” contribution to his campaign to restore the trust in Washington: $8.63 from those who think he’s “wild”; $19.27 for being “weird”; $41.84 for being “Forrest Gump”; and $193.01 from supporters who think he’d be “fascinating in the Senate.”

Sestak leads the only other candidate, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, in the race for the Democratic nomination to face Sen. Toomey in November 2016.

8 Responses

  1. Yes Louie, each and every health care premium increase until the end of time is the aca’s fault. If only it hasn’t passed, your costs would never have gone up again.

  2. Bill-
    Sestak was in congress for the May 2007 & Dec 2007 votes for additional funding, and voted to give Bush a blank check without accountability or timetables. He had campaigned on the promise that he would not vote for continued funding without those conditions. He lied.

    Kathy- He is very weird personally.

    Tommyd – the Dems threw away their best chance at beating Toomey when they passed up Specter. We knew Sestak couldn’t beat Toomey, and it only cost $20 million to demonstrate.

    PA dems shouldn’t put a lick of effort into Sestak, but should focus their efforts on gaining seats in the state house and congress.

  3. Political insiders need to break out of their echo chamber; they seem to be out of touch with what most folks perceive and are concerned about. This lesson should have been clear when Pennsylvania Democrats voted for Sestak over Specter.

  4. No idea if he’s “weird” personally – or whatever Luke boy considers to be outside his sheltered sphere of experience.I do know that most people think Luke is an empty suit who got his job because of his daddy.

    Sestak should make light of it – and ask Tom Hanks to campaign with him.

  5. I contacted js back when he voted for the aca ….I complained that my health care costs would go up with the new law….he insisted they would not….guess he lied…or was stupid….or deceitful…or etc….

  6. How will Sestak be “accountable to the people” when he plans to run for only one term, and not face the voters?

    Sestak wasn’t accountable when he voted with Bush for a blank check on the Iraq War.

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