PA-Sen: Sestak to Unveil Foreign Policy Plan

SestakDemocratic Senate candidate Joe Sestak will take his campaign to seven PA towns over the next two days to deliver his foreign policy plan.

Sestak’s “Plan for Securing America in the 21st Century” tour will kick off at 9 a.m. on Tuesday at the Lancaster County Democratic Committee headquarters, where he will speak about the United States’ global leadership role and strategy of engagement.

By noon, the former Congressman will be at the Irvine Auditorium at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia to talk about national security challenges, from regional conflicts to global disruptions.

The Seegers Union at Muhlenberg College will host Sestak at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow – where the candidate will talk up the power of diplomacy and economic partnerships – before he finishes the first half of his tour at The Main Bean cafe in Wilkes-Barre at 5 p.m.

On Wednesday, the former three-star Navy Admiral will begin his day at the Bayfront Grille in Erie with a short speech on America competing in a global marketplace.

It is then on to the University of Pittsburgh School of Law for Sestak, where he is scheduled to talk at noon about the national security challenges posed by climate change. The tour will conclude at Lena’s Cafe in Altoona at 3:30 p.m.

This tour comes in the wake of a debate between Sestak and his Democratic opponents, Katie McGinty and John Fetterman, at the annual Progressive Summit. A straw poll afterwards showed the crowd favoring Sestak over his challengers.

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  1. Sestak is still in the race???? I haven’t heard his name mentioned in months. I assumed Toomey was running unopposed.

  2. That must be an EARLY speech in Erie for him to be able to get to Pitt in time for a noon speech at the law school.

    I feel like there’s a better way for Sestak to do this than to go around making a bunch of different speeches to small crowds.

  3. Whistleblower-

    All Sestak does is “abandon ship”. He abandoned the peace-movement voters he courted in 2006 with promises of standing up to Bush. The peace-movement picketed his local congressional district office.

    His 2006 field director said: “F*ck the other candidates. I don’t care if the all lose. Joe is the only one that matters.” This attitude is so universal in the Sestak campaign, it should be printed on the t-shirts.

    Sestak abandoned the Delco Dems (even though they still kiss his ass like an abused housewife going back to her husband). When asked in Sept of 2008 if Joe could host a fundraiser for Delco Dems, his brother/campaign-manager said: “Why should he? It’s not his contest. No one here did anything for him.” This statement was made a minute after Sestak made a speak to the Delco Dems “It was not MY victory. It was YOUR victory. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
    This is one more reason why Sestak is a two-faced pr*ck.

    Sestak’s M.O. is to abandon down-ticket candidates. His former staffers (and any honest current ones) will tell you “It’s all about Joe.”

    McGinty’s revolving door to $$$-

    The Dems were misled into war by Bush/Cheney with false intel, including Clinton and Kerry. But, in 2007, the majority of Dems voted against Bush’s blank-check funding of the Iraq War. Sestak voted against the majority of Dems to support Bush and the GOP vision of un-accountability. So, in that case, McGinty would have gotten in right.

    Sestak is no dove. He loves war and in his words: “Sending young men into harms way.” Only recently did he add: “.. and returning them safely”. His original speeches (for years) talked about his greatest honor was sending young men into harm’s way.

    Joe’s got a god-complex and has actually said, in reference to one of his sailors, “I was his GOD!” I sh*t you not. This was part of Sestak’s very first speech the day he opened his HQ 10 years ago. Chilling.

  4. David, you have said that McGinty would vote with the Dems just like a Pavlovian dog and that was good enough for you–thus, she will vote for more war. She will surely do what Rendell and the Dem Establishment/oil cartel wants, I’d agree.

    So, that leaves Fetterman as the dove. I’m still for Sestak, who has been saying diplomacy first, military only if absolutely needed. Are we sure Fetterman is a dove??

  5. I’m sure McGinty would be pro war if it meant more windmills in a side deal to increase her personal fortune. She’s a Rendell Wolf hack. If I was joe sestak my campaign slogan would be. ” The admiral would not have abandoned ship like McDingbat did to Pennsylvanians during key budget negotiations leaving us all hostage ”
    Vote Fetterman you’ll sleep better at night.

  6. Spoiler alert: More pro-war votes if Sestak elected.

    This is a guy who voted TWICE to give Bush a blank check in funding the Iraq War in 2007 (May and December) once he was elected. In his floor speech, he stated his believe that “timetables were the only viable option”, then voted for a funding bill that he believed was not viable.

    This is a guy who campaigned in 2006 on pulling out of Iraq within a year. But, as soon as he was elected, he started saying that it would take two years to pull out all the tanks and equipment and made no push to even start a pull out.

    After Joe lost the senate race, he criticized Obama for having a timetable for pulling out of Afghanistan, claiming (with the GOP mantra) that “it would announce to our enemies” when we were leaving.

    Of course, this flies in the face of not only Sestak’s own support for timetable, but the philosophy that a timetable motivates the Afghan government to be prepared to take over and not drag their feet.

    Sestak is a closet Republican, conservative, hawk who hasn’t met a war he didn’t approve of.

    This is a guy who enlisted during Nixon and Vietnam (when the sane people were opposing the war and Nixon). Do you think a guy like that voted for McGovern?

    Who wants to bet that Sestak voted for Reagan and Bush Sr?
    The military LOVED Reagan. Did anyone in the military vote for Mondale over Reagan or Dukakis over Bush Sr?

    Sestak probably voted for military man, McCain, as well, after he campaigned for Hillary and Obama won. And after the rift between Sestak and Obama following Specter and job-gate, who believes Sestak really voted for Obama?

    Is there ANY record of Sestak’s opposition to the war in Iraq prior to his congressional campaign in 2006? Did he write a memo to his superiors (or the president himself) questioning the decision to go to war?

    In the Pittsburgh debate, Sestak “claims” that when he was asked his opinion, on the eve of war, he said he was “Ready!”. Then he said it was a “tragedy”. Really, Joe? Then why the f*ck were you so ready and eager to participate in a tragedy?

    Occam’s razor: You were in favor of the war, and are just lying about your opposition to it because you are running on a Democratic ticket.

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