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PA-Sen: Sestak Touts Service Record (VIDEO)

Through a new web series, Joe Sestak is seeking to explain why he decided to trek across the state.

Sestak has made somewhat of a statement with his Shoe-Leather Express statewide tour, walking 422 miles to show his commitment to public service.

In a new video “Why Joe Walks,” Sestak tries to explain his unique journey through the story of U.S. Army Sgt. Pisey Tan, one of the 18,000 cases Sestak handled as Congressman.

Tan, an Iraq war veteran, lost both legs while in combat, before coming home to face a “treacherous landscape of red tape” that kept him from receiving physical therapy and insurance coverage, and even pursuing higher education.

“Sgt. Tan has given more for his country that I could ever imagine: he’s lost both his legs and still wants to give more. I aspire to the level of service he exemplifies, Sestak said. “I’m running for senate so I can return to helping people like Sgt. Tan. Heroes who have given their hearts and souls, and in many cases their bodies or their lives, for their country, only to be improperly neglected when they return home.”

Sestak slammed Sen. Pat Toomey for voting against 12 bipartisan Dept. of Veterans Affairs budgets, while highlighting his own record of voting for expanded VA funding at every opportunity.

In keeping with his annual Veterans Day tradition, Sestak will visit incarcerated veterans at the Graterford Correctional Institute on Wednesday.

“Thanking a veteran on Veterans Day is well and good, but unless we elect leaders who take care of our service members, and unless we hold them accountable when they do not, words and gestures have little meaning,” Sestak said.

10 Responses

  1. excuse me ben, but please remember that the republican legislature in pa took these budget negotiations hostage and mcginty made an easy target on her way out. you cant lay that mess at her feet, thats all wagner and the gas companies with their puppets corman, scarnati and turzai. idk about the gas and coal stuff but she pushed a severance tax pretty hard.

  2. @Barty… Where have you been? McGinty can’t get along with Republicans. She was so bad at it they banned her from the budget negotiations.

    McGinty has always been a puppet of whomever she’s worked for. That’s why she fast tracked approval for a dirty coal plant for a Rendell supporter and then later took $120,000 from the guy. That should disgust anyone with a sense of morality.

    While she was working for Rendell being a shill for the gas industry, Fetterman was out actually making a difference to peoples lives.

  3. Oh Billy…Mayor John can have his fun while he’s the darling, new, funny-looking progressive on the block. But what does he do when he needs bipartisan support for legislation he’s introducing? I don’t know about you, but I’ve met a couple Republican politicians in my day. They aren’t the type to really listen to the giant creep who looks fresh off of the sons of anarchy set. I’ll take my chances with the woman who helped push past environmental regulations under the Gingrich congress. That’s called experience. Using daddy’s money to play benevolent king over a sad forgotten steel town doesn’t teach you all that much about Washington.

  4. Barty, McGinty has been a shill for the gas and coal industry while making herself wealthy.

    That is perfectly fine by me, up until the point where she starts touting herself as an environmentalist and working hard for the middle class.

    Her handlers don’t even let her speak to the press. How can you take her seriously when they don’t even trust her to speak for herself.

  5. McGinty has worked in DC, Harrisburg, Philly, and India. She’s worked in the private and public sector. She hasn’t spent a decade and a half as the king of an impoverished suburb with no sign of meaningful job creation. What happens when the king and his non-profit leave town? No more pre-k?

  6. While Joe has been walking around the state to show how much he cares, Fetterman has been starting Pre-K programs for poor kids and making sure people have heat over the winter.

    McGinty has been either working in the gas industry, running for office, or quitting her job as Chief of Staff after 6 months to run for Senate.

    It’s such an easy choice if you actually look at the candidates.

  7. Just looked at Sestak’s Twitter page and the outdated photo that’s at the top where his daughter is still a little girl. Isn’t she somewhere around 14 now? Maybe that was the last time she was in Pennsylvania.

  8. “I aspire to the level of service he exemplifies”

    Try not to abuse your staff, that would be a start

  9. Was this made by a middle school AV club on an iPhone? Like an iPhone 3? Definitely not 6S quality.

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