PA-Sen: Saccone Considering 2018 Senate Campaign

SacconeThe 2018 Senate field looks like it’s beginning to shape.

According to Pat Cloonan of the Herald-Standard, State Rep. Rick Saccone may decide to challenge Senator Bob Casey next year.

“Yes, I am seriously considering a Senate run, and I am looking for feedback from the people of Pennsylvania,” Saccone told Cloonan.

Rep. Saccone is one of the most conservative members of the state legislature. Last year, he made headlines with legislation that would require schools to display “In God We Trust”.

He isn’t the first Republican, however, to make his interest in this race known.

Last month, Ryan Briggs of City & State revealed that Congressman Pat Meehan is also weighing a bid to take on Sen. Casey.

Saccone has served in the State House since 2011. The 39th district includes parts of Allegheny and Washington Counties.

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  1. All you democRATS are on your way out! Get used to it. You all have behaved so terribly since the election. You have shown your true colors, and they are not pretty! You all need to be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. I’m glad to see that someone who’s not going to be M.I.A. to replace casey! All you liberal nuts need to get just that (nuts) and while your at it change your diapers. Like you’re almighty leader once said to the effect “we won, you lost”

  3. Saccone & Meehan would
    make far better US Senators than Casey.

    Both are extremely capable and qualified men with compelling backgrounds.

  4. Consider who Casey is, who Casey defends, and what Casey defends. The voters of PA may surprise the political insiders again and choose a man who for more than a decade operated as a United States Air Force Counterintelligence and Special Agent conducting felony, criminal, fraud and counterintelligence investigations and operations worldwide. When America went to war with Iraq, Saccone volunteered for an assignment to the U.S. Army as a civilian. He served in Baghdad and in the hotspot of Mosul as a Senior Counterintelligence Agent responsible for identifying, capturing and interrogating insurgents. Wake-up the voters maybe smart enough to elect a Senator with actual accomplishments who didn’t ride into politics on his daddy’s coattails.

  5. Has about the same chances of seeing the inside of the Senate Chamber in DC as the Houston Texans of winning the Superbowl.

  6. maybe candidates should be required to actually read understand and obey US supreme court decisions– such as the one from decades ago holding ‘in god we trust’ posted on government buildings to be an impermissible infringement on one’s constitutional rights requiring separation of church and state. of course, that would disqualify many GOPers.

  7. @blowjob, he’s a State Representative. His term ends in 2018. He can start serving in 2019.

    I’m guessing that you voted for Shapiro for AG who had numerous years left on his Commissioner term.

  8. Never heard of him.

    “Last year, he made headlines with legislation that would require schools to display “In God We Trust”- Sorry buddy, we don’t live in a theocracy

  9. No surprise that the milieu of PA politics has reached the absurd level of this clown thinking he is qualified to run for US Senate seat. His platform will be to post signs in classrooms across the nation of “In God we trust”. How classy. Maybe he’d be satisfied if we all just pin a dollar bill to the bulletin board in every classroom?

  10. True, but I think the Trump effect could hit hard on down ballot races in 2018 once the guy actually has to start doing the job (or not doing it). Republicans are phenomenal at campaigning and winning elections….until they actually start governing. (see 2006 midterms).

  11. Well, if 2016 had turned out differently I would agree. But, I’ve learned that wishing those with uncomfortably nationalist/theocratic views would run just so I can see them get crushed by a reasonable Democrat is dicey. Sometimes the wingnuts actually win. My trust in the Pennsylvanian electorate has been shaken a little.

  12. Oh please have him and Daryl Metcalfe run. Either of them getting plowed by 12 points by Casey would be delightful.

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