PA-Sen: Toomey Attacks McGinty’s Business Career (VIDEO)

Senator Pat Toomey is making it clear that he will make sure Katie McGinty’s business career is at the center of the campaign debate if she wins the Democratic nomination.

Today the Toomey team released a web ad hitting McGinty for taking jobs in the private sector that were not in the state’s best interest.

Their video takes McGinty’s claim that she’s “fighting for us” and attempts to convince viewers that she is actually “fighting for herself” (which is the title of the spot).

“Fighting for us? Really?,” the narrator asks incredulously. “Fighting for notorious D.C. law firms? Check. Corporate special interests that receive millions in taxpayer money? Check. Fighting for herself? Check.”

“Katie McGinty, not for us,” the narrator concludes.

The ad appears to piggyback on a recent Fetterman video that painted McGinty as too close to oil and gas companies.

McGinty is running against Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and former Congressman Joe Sestak in the Democratic primary.

The McGinty campaign issued a press release providing counters for Toomey’s claims as well as the following statement.

“Toomey’s attack is the height of hypocrisy. Katie McGinty has consistently fought for protecting the environment and creating jobs for hard-working Pennsylvania families,” Communications Director Sabrina Singh stated. “Let’s be clear – Senator Toomey has been a roadblock for Pennsylvania by consistently voting to protect tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas, opposing efforts to make college more affordable and supporting the privatization of Medicare and Social Security and repeal the Affordable Care Act. Clearly he sees Katie as the strongest threat to his career as a Washington politician.”

12 Responses

  1. Right you are GovRandall, everyone knows good Democrats toe the party line and do exactly as they’re told. Even if it means fast tracking approval of a dirty coal plant before tougher EPA regulations take effect.

  2. Revolving door / Observer2, you are truly the worst kind of democrat. So blinded by your fantasy of Sestak being your savior that you are praising the good work of Toomey and America Rising. Leave our party. Your vote isn’t worth the damage you try to inflict.

  3. This add is a definite LOL. Toomey was the former Presient of Club for Growth. Toomey a long time ago sold his soul to the Koch Brothers and special interests. Toomey has a record in the Senate he can’t run from. For over five years he has supported special interests with votes in the Senate. In that same time frame he has voted against the middle class. His veterans votes especially show his real voting record. 12 Veterans bills have been voted on in Toomey’s time in the Senate. Despite vocal support at Town Hall Meetings and other public events. Toomey has VOTED AGAINST ALL 12 VETERAN BILLS. Again Toomey has a record. He can’t rewrite history now. To attack McGinty at this time shows that Tommey does not want to run against McGinty in the Fall Election. I find the attack that McGinty has worked as a corporate business person especially LOL. THe middle class needs to make Toomey a one term Pat.

  4. I’m no McGinty fan, but this is just too rich coming from the former head of the Club For Growth…

  5. Toomey’s got it right! Her achilles heel is her revolving door to riches. AmericaRisingPAC has her on TV saying she takes no money from fracking interests!! Incredulous!! She repeatedly did not answer the question posed to her. Devastating. Dems are going down in November if McGinty somehow beats Fetterman or Sestak.

    Worse than her revolving door is her inability to be truthful. That comes out every time.

  6. DD: You are spot on. While the Toomey ad may hurt McGinty with Dems, they make her sound attractive to GOP. If she gets through primary, she should run Toomey ad excerpts on Fox and rightwing talk shows during the general election.

  7. Philly, nobody cares that McGinty rode the public to private pipeline to make herself rich. She is entitled to do that. However, any right minded democrat should take issue with her now claiming to be a champion for the middle class. That shows her to be a phony. Katie has only been a champion for herself and her dirty coal plant building supporters.

  8. So, Toomey’s argument is that McGinty is more a of “pro-business Republican” than he is?

    It’s only a web ad, so he’s not spending real money on it.

  9. I’d like to see some adds on her fast tracking the dirty coal plant to beat tighter EPA air quality standards.

    I’ve heard Katie say she is against the lead problem in flint, but I guess she is okay with poisoning us with mercury as long as it is for a campaign contributor.

  10. I hope that PA Democrats are bright enough to see through this. If Toomey feels that McGinty is worth going negative against in the primary, it is yet more proof that he has no desire to face her in November. Toomey knows McGinty is the strongest Democratic candidate. Democrats need to know it, too.

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