PA-Sen: Toomey Blasts Dems Over Sanctuary Cities (VIDEO)

After hitting out at new Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney for restoring the city’s “sanctuary” status, Sen. Pat Toomey is training his sights on his 2016 Democratic opponents.

A new Toomey for Senate campaign video begins with a clip of Kenney’s signing ceremony two weeks ago, before cutting to a clip of the junior Senator from PA showing his support for the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act, also known as Kate’s Law.

“Sanctuary cities prevent you from grabbing the guy,” Toomey tells longtime FOX News host Bill O’Reilly. “As you know, the San Francisco police had the guy and when [the Department of Homeland Security] said ‘hold him for us, we want to get him,’ they said, ‘Oh no, we’re a sanctuary city,’ and they released him. In order to get him, you’ve got to end sanctuary cities.”

32-year-old Kate Steinle was shot and killed in July 2014 while walking along a San Francisco pier with her father. The suspect has been identified as an illegal Mexican immigrant with five previous deportations. San Francisco remains a sanctuary city.

Though Toomey’s efforts to pass legislation to punish sanctuary cities ultimately failed in a 54-45 vote in the Senate, immigration looks likely to be a key piece of his platform for re-election, allowing the incumbent to draw a stark contrast between himself and his challengers.

“The Democratic candidates for Senate continue their race to the extreme left in their primary, becoming more and more out of touch with Pennsylvania families,” Toomey campaign spokesman Ted Kwong said. “It’s disappointing that this new breed of Democrat is embracing sanctuary city policies, opposed by Ed Rendell and Michael Nutter, that protect suspected violent criminals and terrorists from proper authorities.”

Former PA Governor and Philly Mayor Rendell, who currently serves as the chairman of Katie McGinty’s campaign, was careful in qualifying his support for Kenney’s decision to make the City of Brotherly Love a sanctuary city.

“If I were Mayor, I wouldn’t do it. I think we should obey the law and remember, it’s the Obama Administration that’s enforcing the deportation laws,” Rendell said. “However, Jim Kenney has been, for the longest time, even going back to when I was Mayor, he’s been an advocate for making Philadelphia a more attractive place for immigrants to come and settle and open up businesses.”

8 Responses

  1. Hey Toomey do you wear a blindfold when you go out of one of your many taxpayer funded offices? Take it off and look at the garbage/litter allover PA. Get it cleaned up.

  2. Toomey’s comment” “race to the left” is clearly a classic “working the ref” posture. In sporting events, as all athletes and fans know, yelling at the referees often enough sometimes influences their future “calls” in the game. Toomey hopes his right-wing rhetoric will push the electorate(the fans and refs) to the right. This guy is trying everything at his disposal. What a loser—-and, he’s going down in the general election.

  3. Isaac L

    I think the Toomey thinking is: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Toomey has been effective at hiding his conservative nature. He seems pretty confident he can continue the charade through November.

  4. This is what drives me nuts about Toomey: his press operation seems to have taken ‘1984’ as an instruction manual. They’re reading straight from Lee Atwater’s playbook. Your biggest vulnerability is your insanely conservative record, so you pretend that you’re the centrist and everyone else is far off in left field.

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