PA-Sen: Toomey Denounces Trump Comments

Toomey SadPat Toomey harshly condemned his party’s presidential nominee.

The Senator was responding to comments Donald Trump has made about a judge assigned to a case involving Trump University. The GOP nominee had stated that the judge couldn’t fairly decide the case because he was “Mexican” (the judge was actually born in Indiana).

“Outrageous, disturbing and absolutely ridiculous,” is how the Senator described Trump’s statements to Sabrina Siddiqui of The Guardian.

Earlier, though, Sen. Toomey was much more reluctant to talk about Trump.

The Washington Post reported that the Senator “rushed into an elevator as reporters pursued him with questions about the remarks.”

The McGinty campaign obviously enjoyed that story:

The episode shows yet again, though, that Toomey will have to deal carefully with his party’s presidential nominee over the next five months.

49 Responses

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  4. Republicans against Toomey(RAT 2016) will help defeat this hypocrit. He capitulated on taxes while serving on senate select committee. He did a reversal on many other issues. He led support for one of the poorest Senate leaders in our history- McConnell. He was part of Senate Republican significantly cut pay and allowances for our military. No thanks – many will prefer Shady Katie to Toomey the hypocrit. Toomey is for him self and narrow special interests to help him get next job- voters will retire this huge disappointment

  5. Out here in Pennsyltucky-Alabama, where the deer and the … antelope? … nope … black bears play, Toomey will rack up prodigious numbers because we’re all afraid that Clinton will nominate anti-gun judges to the Supreme Court and Toomey could be a roadblock. Simple as that.

  6. The nomination of Donald J. Trump causes serious problems for Senator Pat Toomey, and it is important for Pennsylvanians to be serious about re-electing a first-class, hard working, smart, and balanced Pat Toomey. Senator Toomey is a balanced and principled Right-Center person, exactly what we should want for a complex Mega-State.

    His opponent is a rookie who will follow the national Democratic bosses, such as DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultze and Minority Leader Pelosi, and that is exactly what Pennsylvania does not need.


  7. Loser Toomey will fall to Shady Katie not because of Trump- but because Toomey stands for Toomey- not much else. Trump has a geography problem- this Judge may well be biased- but he’s a native
    Born Hoosier. As for Toomey better he denounce McConnell and Ryan. Clinton is
    a vile crooked individual – but as pathetic as she is – will Trump and Toomey be better for most Americans? Katie and Hiliary win PA- in landslide

  8. Poor Toomey – he must back Trump or not back Trump and either way, he’s toast.

  9. DD: No, because Toomey is racist too. Just not an egomaniac like Trump, who suffers from verbal diarrhea.

  10. Is Toomey willing to support a hearing for a judge nominated by a black president?

  11. Toomey will continue to try to put space between himself and Trump. Ain’t gonna work. He’s toast.

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