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PA-Sen: Toomey Emphasizes Safety in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

A new TV ad released by the Toomey for Senate campaign is targeting Katie McGinty for three of her particularly leftist policy choices.

The commercial, entitled “Safety,” highlights McGinty’s support of the Iran Nuclear Deal, the closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison, and protection of sanctuary cities. These issues have been a point of contention among lawmakers, and some Democrats have even spoken in opposition of these actions.

“Katie McGinty supports the Iran deal that enriches our enemies, applauds closing Guantanamo prison and moving its terrorists to the U.S.” the narrator states while images of missiles, Ayatollahs and mug shots fill the screen. “McGinty would allow sanctuary cities that even many Democrats say are too dangerous.”

Senator Toomey has publicly opposed all three policies because, according to the ad, “our safety has to come first.”

“Pennsylvanians face a clear choice on security issues,” Toomey for Senate spokesman Ted Kwong added. “Pat Toomey defends our safety, rejecting the disastrous Iran deal, keeping terrorist prisoners off our shores, and stopping sanctuary cities. Katie McGinty is so extreme on security issues that her positions are even rejected by many leading Democrats.”

UPDATE: The McGinty campaign sent the following response to PoliticsPA:

“I never endorsed bringing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to the United States. Pat Toomey is full of baloney. The detention center in Cuba is a real problem that President Obama inherited from President Bush. We need to listen to terror experts who tell us that Gitmo has been an effective recruitment tool. But I think we need to proceed very carefully and do nothing that might pose an even greater threat to the security of Americans, and I believe real questions have been raised about whether released prisoners are effectively being prevented from re-engaging in battle. Until those questions are answered, I will not/can not embrace the President’s plan.”

12 Responses

  1. Iran, Guantanamo Bay,Sanctuary city are old news just like Toomey. if that’s all he’s got then exit door awaits him..

  2. David, the deal end nothing. They are continuing to do as they please with a few extra billion to get it done.

  3. PA Parent- you do know youre the only one using that hashtag in the entire universe, correct?

  4. You can read all about the 10,000 page Iran deal if you get elected to Congress, go to the locked room where it’s guarded, and don’t take any recording devices including a pencil. That is not a joke.

    The Administration has already ADMITTED to LYING to you and Congress about the deal and they’ve even tried (laughably) to scrub the lies. HRC is more of the same on steroids.

  5. The Iran deal ended their nuclear program. Guantanamo Bay prison is a disgrace. The sanctuary cities is a joke, because they aren’t giving the cops more funding to do the feds jobs.

    But, you know who makes us safer: The one who votes to ban assault weapons and strengthen gun control laws.

  6. gulag – A leftist policy would be to allow them to obtain nuclear weapons. That is in a nutshell what the administration did in signing the Iran deal.

  7. “Particularly leftist policy choices”? Who writes this shit? Fox News?
    So you think making a deal with Iran is a leftist policy? What would your option be? Nuke them? My god, you people are dangerous!!

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