PA-Sen: Toomey: Links to Trump ‘Outrageous’

Toomey SadThe race for U.S. Senate is already kicking up a notch, two days after Sen. Pat Toomey figured out his November challenger.

A month before she won the Democratic nomination, Katie McGinty began her race against the “Trump-Toomey ticket,” trying to tie the freshman Senator to the likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Toomey denied McGinty’s links and reiterated his initial support for former presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

“Yeah, that’s pretty outrageous actually,” Toomey said on the Dom Giordano Program. “But Dom, you know how this presidential race has been unfolding. I supported Marco Rubio. He was my first choice. I still think he’d have been a great president and a great candidate. As of yesterday, we were down to three guys standing, and I voted for Ted Cruz.”

Toomey said it was fine if she continued to try to tie him to Trump, while showing he intends to tie her to likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“She can do whatever she feels she needs to do, but the fact is, she is in lockstep with Hillary Clinton,” he stated. “She actually agrees with Hillary Clinton and the most liberal wing of the Democrats on everything. I don’t know of a single policy area where she would separate herself from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.”

Toomey said he would support the eventual GOP nominee because he doesn’t want Clinton to “take this country further to the left, to make the terrible policy of President Obama permanent.”

As Toomey notes in the interview, “there’s going to be lots to talk about in this campaign.”

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  4. I called Pat Toomey campaign office months ago…he did not support Trump. He was backing Rubio…
    Where are you ppl getting this BS from? No more Dems. Destroying our country.

  5. Toomey the lackey of the Koch Brothers and Special Interests is going to have to pay the piper for his consistent votes against average Americans and Veterans. He talks a good story about all the people he has helped but they are all lies. When it has come time to Walk the Walk for the middle class he has done nothing for them. Mr. Toomey you have a five year record in the Senate. To say it nicely it is shity. Lieing about your record is stupid because it is public record. The only thing you are good at is Obstructing. Probably why you voted for Cruz in the Primary. We the people don’t care how much money The Club For Growth and your Special Interests spend to protect you. We the People are tired of your stay in Washington and are going to vote your sorry ass back to Lancaster.

  6. He’s said repeatedly that he would support the nominee, even if the nominee ended up being Donald Trump. This seems ridiculous.

  7. Since when is Hillary a liberal? More lies and mischaracterizations from Toomey, the do-nothing Senator. Since when is preferring Marco Rubio, who is inane when unscripted, and voting for Ted Cruz, who has been called “lucifer in the flesh” by his own party member, something to brag about?

  8. Toomey is still praying that his inside-the-beltway Repub pals can figure out something that will derail Trump. If Trump is the nominee, Toomey is finished. Simple as that. And he knows it. He’s probably done if Cruz gets it, too, but he has convinced himself that he might be able to survive with Teddy at the top of the ticket.

  9. Toomey has his head buried in the sand. The problem isn’t Trump-it’s the pathetic republican establishment of which he is a part. The key link- Toomey led the support for weasel Mitch McConnell one of the most incompetent Senate leaders- unlike Reid who we can dislike he is a loser. As bad as it will get Republicans Against Toomey(RAT?) will help defeat this hypocrite.

  10. Senator Toomey needs to get on board the Trump Express. The Voters of Pennsylvania have spoken and Toomey is up for re-election. Mr. Toomey, start listening to the wishes of your constituency and not of the Washington Insiders. You need to earn our vote like Trump has, not Cruz. 20% Ted.

  11. How lame can a politician be while in one breath calling his opponent outrageous for linking him to his party’s front runner and in the next breath doing the same thing by linking McGinty to Clinton?

  12. A lot of Republicans already think Toomey is a RINO because of his support of universal background checks. Denying Trump will alienate more of his base. Embracing Trump will kill him among independents and moderate Republicans. This is lose-lose for Toomey and portends a big win for the people of Pennsylvania.

  13. 1) How many times can Pat Toomey say “Hillary Clinton”? For a state which she’s likely to carry, I’m not sure how useful that is.

    2) Is Pat Toomey going to support Donald Trump if he’s the Republican nominee?

  14. How dare you tie me to the presidential candidate that I will support?

  15. Toomey never served as Donald Trump’s chief of staff, unlike Katie McGinty and a certain other unpopular executive.

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