PA-Sen: Toomey, McGinty Continue Fight Over “Sanctuary Cities” (VIDEO)

Pat Toomey is doubling (one could say tripling or even quadrupling) down on his sanctuary city strategy.

Ever since Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced in January that he would be restoring the city’s so-called “sanctuary city” policy, Senator Toomey has made denouncing that decision a major part of his campaign.

He’s persistently attacked his opponent Katie McGinty’s support of a form of this policy, by airing a radio ad and advertising the support of various local sheriffs and District Attorneys.

In an attempt to further the issue, Toomey introduced an amendment to block Community Development Block Grants to cities that employ their own immigration policies.

Yesterday, he even gave a speech on the Senate floor where he invoked the memory of Kate Steinle who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco.

That case received a large amount of attention thanks to Donald Trump, who pointed to the incident as justification for controversial comments he made during his presidential announcement speech.

Meanwhile, the McGinty camp has criticized the Toomey campaign’s use of the hashtag #PhillyMcGinty. The Democratic nominee sees this an insulting, exclusionary tactic against PA’s largest city although Toomey denies those charges.  

12 Responses

  1. If only people truly understood what sanctuary city policies actually are. It really is a general term in which a whole variety of policies can qualify. In Philadelphia, all it means that they will not comply with detainer requests for non-violent criminals or undocumented immigrants. They will comply with warrants, which ICE can get. The courts have found cities and other governments do not have to comply with detainers, which in and of themselves have Constitutional issues as they require detaining someone (who very well could be a citizen) without being charged. Complying with detainers also can get a city sued.

  2. I don’t underestimate Toomey. I am quite certain he will bring his cynical brand of politics right through the election and should he be re-elected, it will take him less than a Wall Street minute to change his tune on gun safety and return to the loving arm$ of the gun manufacturing lobby.

  3. Democrats think they’re morally justified to ignore laws they don’t believe in. But a let a Republican try something similar with abortion and see what happens.

  4. Toomey is a talented and intelligent politician that didn’t get to the US Senate by mistake. He is savy and seems to be underestimated by the Dems. Big mistake.

  5. No sanctuary basements — send Davey packing from Mom and Pop’s downstairs!

  6. I’m tired of Republicans bashing a whole city to cover up for their racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic and homophobic beliefs. So, a new hashtag for Toomey (please vote on your favorite)


  7. You know, this is really just more of the same Repub “immigrants are scary and dangerous” hate speech that made Donald Trump their Presidential nominee. Toomey should just admit that he supports Trump and book his hotel room in Cleveland.

  8. If Toomey REALLY believes this, then he should not seek sanctuary in Pennsylvania during the GOP convention in Cleveland. He should be there should-to-should with Trump, and have lots of pictures of them together.

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