PA-Sen: Toomey Pokes Fun at Democratic Infighting, Indecision (VIDEO)

It’s not exactly a revelation that Democrats are deeply divided about their 2016 Senate nominee.

Joe Sestak has been the front-runner ever since he came close to upsetting Toomey during the 2010 GOP wave.

Party officials have never liked Sestak, however, and actively looked for others to take him on.

Now, the Toomey campaign is using these facts to poke fun at Sestak in an online video.

Titled “Democrat Family Feud”, the animation shows DSCC Chair Jon Tester futilely suggesting alternatives to Sestak in the style of the famous game show.

Tester runs through a string of almost (or departed) candidates like Josh Shapiro, Ed Pawlowski, Chris Carney and Vince Hughes. They even added the latest potential challenger Katie McGinty.

The video ends with the promise of another “episode” which will revolve around “reasons why Democrats won’t support Joe Sestak.”

15 Responses

  1. don’t worry Pat the dems never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity guess you’re pretty worried about Joe making it through the primary…. that’s why you’re blowing all this money early. Wait till the truth comes out about all your lies.. talking out of the left side of your mouth in DC and out of the right side of your mouth in PA. I guess the truth is whatever you can make the voters believe. The state dems have to look at how stupid they look… when you have a good candidate who has consistently out worked all opponents get behind them instead of withholding support and funds to insure reelection for the other party! I guess it’s easier to say I told you so than to say we all worked hard and we won! HEY LEE This has been going on for years vote for the project but vote against the funding!!!! For gods sake let Gov Wolf keep his chief of staff right where she belongs. She’s nothing but a manipulated spoiler!

  2. tommyd-

    It’s not about kissing their butts (though, it’s actually Sestak who demands butt kissing).

    But rather, it’s that Sestak will not take sound political advice nor work with the party in a coordinated campaign. Sestak’s brand of “wacky” campaigning hasn’t played well. His campaigns are a disorganized hot-mess, and he’s survived this long because he works twice as hard as he needs (to make up for the disorganization and micro-management and staff turnover).

    But, in simpler terms, he’s garnered no faith that he can beat Toomey and he’s wasted $20 million so far with nothing to show for it.

  3. Eagleswing – the Democratic leadership doesn’t like Sestak because he won’t kiss their collective butts. It has nothing to do with policy or ideology. The Democratic grassroots is ready to vote for Sestak, and would have sent him to the Senate in 2010 if the leadership hadn’t undercut him. The Democratic machine’s current attacks on Sestak have made it hard for him to raise money, then they blame him for not raising enough money.

  4. this is an amusing ad and it is effective because it annoys all the right people. See the comments below for proof.

  5. It might really be useful, for those of us seriously interested in vetting Dem candidates, to give us some facts about the Dems considering a Senate primary. instead i see folks indulging in ad hominem attacks against Sestak. a comment such as ‘ he would miss the broad side of an elephant if he was handed a bazooka’ does not really add much to this debate. (such comments more belong on saturday night live or children’s fights on playgrounds.) Instead, could you literate analysts kindly view Sestak’s website, and then compare his voting record and public positions against Toomey’s and other contenders? Do let us know where, in your wisdom, you find it deficient ?

  6. This is an amature hour production at best. If Toomey himself approved this, he is an idiot. If he didn’t and the staff did it on their own, he should fire the whole lot of them.

  7. Toomey should run a truthful add saying I talk a lot about helping average Americans and aiding Veterans but I vote against every bill in the Senate that helps average Americans and Veterans. I always vote for Big Oil & Gas and all campaign funding Special Interests. The Koch Brothers love my voting record. If you doubt what I say check my voting record on Veterans. I always support the legislation when talking to veterans but I always manage to find something trivial in the legislation that I never vote for it. Toomey is the joke.
    100% voting record in five years in the Senate of voting against Veterans. Time for Toomey to go.

  8. @Shelly Joe Sestak does not stand a chance at beating Sen. Toomey. He is so daft as a candidate, he would miss the broad side of an elephant if he was handed a bazooka. PA Dems need a real candidate. Not someone who can’t play nicely in the sandbox, can’t raise the money, and cost Dems this seat in the first place.

  9. If Dems stop the inner fighting it will be easy to remove Toomey. But the party leaders are not for winning. Wake up Leaders! Joe Sestak most likely is the only candidate who can defeat Toomey. Please do not spoil it. Leaders, you are making it easy for Toomey!

  10. Abby Adams-
    Why does the ad use the wrong-answer buzzer sound when the answers are all correct/found in the list? It ruins the whole effect.

    No. No one will do anything nor unite because of this ad.

    Toomey campaign-
    “reasons why Democrats won’t support Joe Sestak.”…

    That’s easy:
    Top answer on the board: Because Dems want a candidate who can remove you from office.

  11. Regardless of how stuffy a dem you are, you have to find this spot funny. Toomey’s team nailed this one-still laughing!

  12. Amateur hour from Toomey. When your opposition is hanging itself, you just watch. One of the warring factions in the Democratic Party will use Toomey’s mocking of them as fodder to unite the party.

  13. Regardless of who the Democratic nominee is, anyone is better than the guy named Toomey!

  14. I see the Dems devolving into a giant sissy slapping fight, with David Diano and Montco Dem limp-wristedly slapping each other at the front of the pack.

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