PA-Sen: Toomey Portrays Himself as Independent in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

The Toomey campaign is up with their latest TV ad.

The thirty second spot, titled “Leadership, aims to portray Katie McGinty as a partisan politician and Toomey as an independent leader.

“In Harrisburg, Katie McGinty is known as a partisan extremist with ethics problems,” the narrator states, as on screen is a picture of McGinty next to a quote from the Patriot-News that states, “Ethics panel sees conflict in spouses’ grants.”

This negative attack on McGinty is then contrasted with Toomey’s endorsement from former Democratic Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

The narrator continues with, “The Daily News called Toomey’s fight to stop criminals from getting guns ‘a profile in political courage,’” the narrator continues.

Toomey’s position on guns goes against his political party’s ideology, so he is using this to prove he is an independent leader.

The advertisement finishes with Senator Toomey stating that, “Washington needs more leadership and less politics.”

10 Responses

  1. Toomey has done nothing to make America safer. His empty rhetoric about guns hasn’t removed a single gun from the streets or saved a single life.

    If Toomey wants to prove he favors sensible gun laws, let him denounce the NRA. Until he does that, he is just another lying, do-nothing politician.

  2. Toomey’s camp loves the Rovian tactic of taking your principal’s biggest weaknesses and project them onto your opponent. Toomey would’ve been in the top 5 most conservative Congressmen when he was elected except that the Tea Party wave brought in a bunch of other conservative extremists like himself. He’s only independent insofar as he thinks the Republican Party is a bit too left-leaning for his tastes.

  3. Toomey will be anybody you want him to be to get your vote. One day he is behind gun-control legislation (that he knows will not pass) and the next he is bragging about the A+ grade he gets from the NRA.

    If he cared about this already great Country, and if he was independent in the least, he would have already denounced Trump.

  4. I love that in one ad Toomey goes after McGinty for being a millionaire. That’s like Trump going after someone for bad hair or poor style.

  5. They are both awful. McGinty is nothing but a Schumer puppet. Schumer is more dangerous than Toomey. So I’m going with Giffords and Bloomberg on this one. I’m gowing to gag myou way through voting for Toomey. OMG. Did I say that out loud?

  6. Toomey is no independent as evidenced by him blindly following Mitch McConnell on the Merrick Garland nomination.

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