PA-Sen: Toomey Praised by Veterans Group in New Ads (VIDEO)

Sen. Pat Toomey will be getting a very public pat on the back for his work on holding the Department of Veterans Affairs “accountable for its failures.”

Concerned Veterans for America are spending $1.5 million on a digital, TV and mail campaign to thank Toomey for being “a leader in the fight to hold VA bureaucrats accountable for failing Pennsylvania veterans.”

“Sen. Toomey’s actions make it clear that veterans issues are a top priority, and CVA wants Pennsylvanians to understand and appreciate his efforts to fix the VA and hold the VA accountable for failing America’s veterans,” CVA CEO Pete Hegseth said in a statement announcing the ad campaign.

A week ago, the House of Representatives passed the VA Accountability Act, which would make it easier to fire bad employees – a piece of legislation Toomey had pushed for. The bill now awaits a vote in the Senate.

The race for Toomey’s seat in 2016 is well and truly on, as Katie McGinty – former Chief of Staff to Gov. Tom Wolf – entered the race Tuesday. McGinty will face off against former Congressman Joe Sestak for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

UPDATE: The Sestak campaign pointed out that the CVA is part of the Koch Brothers’ political network. They also pointed to a report from VoteVets.

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  1. I help at Butler Va , I have allot of hours there . I have done things for. The veterans , because my father was a WWII veteran . He got me involved there , I started with DAV , then with other groups .
    I am now the rep for the catholic daughter of America at the Butler Va . I know what these groups are about in no way do I see toomey for the veterans .
    He is just afraid , because the veterans went for Joe last time . That is why he is pulling this add .

  2. Classic Rovian tactic — take your candidate’s weakness and promote it like a strength. Toomey’s hasn’t done much for vets? OK, let’s get some ads up showing how great he is on vets’ issues. Next it’ll be women & families – even though Toomey’s idea of “family values” is cutting back every safety net and program that helps women & families. I think Pennsylvanians are smart enough not to fall for this, but we’ll see.

  3. Too,eu always supports legislation for Vets . The problem is when the vote comes up to actually fund the legislation he always votes no. Toomey always finds 5% or less of the bill that he can’t vote for so he votes no. Check it out it is classic say one thing and do another. Find a comprehensive Vet Bill THAT TOOMEY VOTED FOR NOT ONE HE SUPPORTED BECAUSE THEY ARE NEVER THE SAME.

  4. Spoken like a union apologist wanting to protect incompetent government workers who are literally mistreating vets and greedy bureaucrats making millions on their backs. Who cares who is trying to change the VA as long as it is changed. So if people don’t agree with your views on maintaining bloated government then they are not allowed to oppose current policies. If anyone should be allowed to organize it is the veterans who fought for rights of all citizens. How can you argue against streamlining the process to get rid of bad employees at the VA. Seriously? You want to keep bad employees?

  5. To call that a “Veteran’s Group” is misleading, to be charitable. Astroturf group of Koch Puppets would be more accurate. 100% of their funding comes from shadow groups. Toomey should be ashamed to be associated with them. But of course, he has no shame.

  6. I read the headline and think, Really? the VFW, American Legion, DAV are supporting Toomey? Why would they do that? No, wait, it’s the Concerned Veterans for America, which I’ve never heard of until today. Oh, now I see – it’s a Koch Brothers front. Of course.

  7. Yeah they support him, but Toomey would be the first to join his party to cut Medicare and Social Security. Casey is no better. First chance they get, Toomey and Casey will stab our Vets in the back.

  8. You’re right Diano, Pat Toomey hates veterans. I heard he is a big proponent of suffocating puppies too..

    Are you one of those people who believes that the moon landings were staged in a studio room at Area 51 right next door to where they are holding ET?

  9. From SourceWatch:

    “Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit which seems to be funded almost entirely by the Koch brothers donor network. CVA advocates for reductions in federal spending and free market policies, focusing its campaigns on themes related to veterans.

    The group’s CEO, Pete Hegseth, was the former executive director of the pro-Iraq War Vets for Freedom and as of June 2014 was finance chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Hegseth appears to have attended at least one Koch network summit meeting.

    An investigation by ProPublica found that Concerned Veterans for America submits its IRS filings under the name Vets for Economic Freedom Trust. Those documents list former Koch Industries managing director Wayne Gable as a trustee.”

    So, you can be sure that the welfare of Veterans is the least concern of this organization and Toomey.

  10. You know, if he gave that 1.5 million to the VA, the VA may actually have money for services and supplies.

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