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PA-Sen: Toomey Punts on Campaigning with Trump

Toomey SadPerhaps the most interesting dynamic to watch over the course of the next few months is how close or far Senator Toomey positions himself from his party’s presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

So far this year Toomey has endorsed Marco Rubio, voted for Ted Cruz, called links to Trump “outrageous”, and even challenged The Donald to be more open to criticism.

Today, though, Toomey seem noncommittal when it came to whether he will campaign with Trump when the New Yorker inevitably comes to campaign in the Keystone State.

In an interview with 1210 WPHT’s Chris Stigall, Toomey was confronted with that scenario.

“I do have to ask you because I haven’t talked to you since we do have the now presumptive nominee Donald Trump and I have to ask you the question that’s been burning in me to ask you is will Pat Toomey, if the occasion arises, campaign with Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, a guy who believes he can win this state by himself, will you campaign with him or do you feel strategically like it’s just better to run your own campaign and let him handle his stuff?,” Stigall asked.

“I’m definitely going to run my own campaign,” Toomey responded. “We will run separate campaigns.”

“Whether our paths cross, whether we are together at an event, I don’t know,” he continued. “I don’t rule that out. That would be a function of the logistics and what makes sense on a given moment in the campaign.”

It would be fair to say, as we have in the past, that Toomey does not want to commit himself to any firm stance on Trump until he has a clearer indication of how the presidential nominee will campaign (and perhaps how he’ll do in the polls).

10 Responses

  1. Toomey may actually care about America. Between now and Nivember, we will find out who does and who doesn’t. Support to a person like Trump means you don’t. Ignorant and frustrated people will vote for him. Misogynists too. But no self-respecting leader with half a brain should get behind that obnoxious, unqualified ass-hole.

  2. Republicans Against Toomey-RAT2016- should be a concerted effort by republicans and independents to defeat this worthless senator. Toomey and other PA so called republicans will lose not because of Trump but because PA republicans are generally speaking worthless. Toomey and several Reps like Meehan and Ryan Costello- should be defeated for their worthlessness and support of Boehner and McConnell. Anyone who thinks Paul Ryan inspires Americans suffers from incurable delusions.

  3. Toomey is tosast. Fuck him and his Wall Street buddies. Fuck his anti-choice stance too!!

  4. Walking away from the Donald Trump is, probably, not a good idea. Pat Toomey has lost his base so his best chance is to attract Trump voters.

  5. Toomey so stupid he doesn’t understand that appearing at same campaign events as Trump is the definition of campaigning together with Trump.

  6. Looks like Pat is waiting on the poll numbers. Trump goes up – sure lets campaign together…. Trump goes down – Donald who, don’t know him. Typical Toomey

  7. walk down left side of road, ok. Walk down rifht side of right, ok. Walk down middle of road, get squashed like bug

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