PA-Sen: Toomey Ramps Up Sanctuary City Attack in New Ad (VIDEO)

Following a radio ad and an amendment over the issue, Senator Pat Toomey is now launching a TV ad hitting challenger Katie McGinty over her support of so-called sanctuary cities.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Too Far”, declares that “Katie McGinty would allow Philadelphia’s extreme sanctuary rules.”

It also points out that several county sheriffs and district attorneys had recently written an open letter calling on McGinty to oppose Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status. The letters states the signatories “hope you [McGinty] will use your influence to reach out to Mayor Kenney and join the bipartisan call for Mayor Kenney to end Philadelphia’s sanctuary city policy.”

This attack all started back in January when Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced that the city of Philadelphia would no longer actively pursue illegal aliens in the city. Ever since then, Toomey has been on a crusade against the policy and any who support it.

McGinty has continually dismissed the idea of sanctuary cities, calling the term a “buzzword.” She has argued that by focusing on sanctuary cities, Toomey is side-stepping the overall issue of immigration reform.

The McGinty campaign has also struck back at the Toomey’s camp use of #PhillyMcGinty. Her campaign has argued that Toomey has insulted the citizens of Pennsylvania’s largest city by using it “as a punch line.”

Toomey, however, firmly believes this line of attack will work at portraying McGinty as soft on crime.

“I’m Pat Toomey, I approve of this message because our safety has to come first,” the Senator’s commercial concludes.

10 Responses

  1. Toomey VO makes him sound rabid and crazy with his high-pitch nasally tone. Overall the ad is far too busy, too many moving parts many of which shift too quickly to even be worth using. This ad is mostly a colossal waste of money and might even backfire on the candidate.

  2. When is Toomey going to get money flowing for Pennsylvania schools? Forget about sanctuary cities for the moment our schools are broke thanks to the criminals running the show in Harrisburg. Let’s get some money flowing from D.C. Toomey old boy, they’re talking about closing ALL of the high schools down in Erie! Now what are you and your partners in crime the Republican traitors to America going to do about THAT oh party of corporate welfare, low taxes and tax cuts for the richest?

  3. Toomey’s a hack and a bag man for the hedge funds, and a shill for the Republican “Just Say ‘NO'” crowd bent on total non-cooperation with Obama. He hasn’t done “jack” for Pennsylvania and should be thrown out with all the other dogmatic, doctrinaire dopes.

  4. Toomey seems like the smarmy type who would continue to hit a woman.

  5. But his polling must show it’s the only thing that’s working for him. Pretty thin ice to skate on till November.

  6. “Sanctuary City” is just another one of those bullshit phrases the right wing uses to trick voters. same as “job creators”, “protecting the life of the unborn”, “balanced budget”, “tax cuts for the middle class”.

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